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Algorithms, 4th Edition HD PDF

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Some computer science books are classic but not suitable for beginners, and some are the opposite. Donald Knuth‘s The Art Of Computer Programming probably belongs to the former condition, and Robert Sedgewick‘s Algorithms belongs to the latter. Of course, both of their algorithm analysis idea comes down in one continuous line, and they are all the classic and bestselling reference book in the computerized algorithm field.

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Introduction to Algorithms, Third Edition HD PDF

Among all the books on algorithms, some are very rigorous, but not comprehensive; others cover a lot of materials, but lack preciseness. Introduction to Algorithms combines rigor and comprehensiveness together, discusses all kinds of algorithms in depth, and focuses on making the design and analysis of these algorithms more acceptable to readers at all levels.

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Grokking Algorithms HD PDF

You’ve probably heard this formula: program = data structure + algorithm. What it means is that: data structure is the skeleton of a program, and algorithm is the soul of the program. Therefore, data structures and algorithms are very complex, abstract and difficult to understand knowledge. Even for a skilled programmer, it is not easy to master both data structure and algorithm well.

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The Art of Computer Programming, Volume 1~4 HD PDF, DjVu

The Art of Computer Programming (TAOCP for short) is a comprehensive monograph written by Donald Knuth. It was first published in 1968, and acclaimed as one of the best 12 academic monographs in Twentieth Century (Albert Einstein‘s theory of relativity is one of another 11) by American Scientist Magazine in 1999. The vast majority of computer programming knowledge of contemporary software developers came from this series of books.

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More Programming Pearls: Confessions of a Coder Scanned PDF

Programming Pearls and More Programming Pearls are companion volumes written by Jon Bentley that successively published in 1986 and 1988. Both of them have become a masterpiece in the field of computer science. If you want to be a really excellent programmer, you have to read them first.

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Hacker’s Delight, 1st & 2nd Editions HD PDF, EPUB, CHM

Hacker’s Delight is a computer science masterpiece written by Henry S. Warren in 2002. It is the only book that explains the computer algorithm on the market. By contrast, other algorithms related books basically are all about mathematical algorithms. Of course, the mathematical algorithm also mainly serves the computer science, but basically, it doesn’t care about the details of computer architectures.

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Handbook of Applied Cryptography HD PDF

Handbook of Applied Cryptography is one of the best, most classical cryptography books, its three authors are all the internationally well-known cryptographers and active cryptography researchers. This book contains 15 chapters (780 pages), covers all the major achievements in the development of cryptography in recent 20 years.
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