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Torchlight all works in one place

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Torchlight is a very classic A-RPG (action role-playing game) PC game developed by Runic Games with OGRE game engine, and released in 2009. Torchlight II was released in 2012. In 2018, this company’s one long-planned MMORPG game was announced as Torchlight Frontiers.

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Sea Dogs all game works in one place

Sea Dogs (AKA: Corsairs, Корсары) is a very classic action + adventure + simulation type of A-RGP game series developed by Akella (Акелла) from Russia in 2000. It has excellent 3D graphics and a freely resized view of naval warfare, as well as completely free game modes and strong interactivity. Player’s behavior is not restricted by the game plot, you are free to play and decide where you want to go next, but that will have a profound impact on how the game world changes.

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FATE all game works in one place

First, AppNee wants you to know some truth about the FATE game series: 1) Diablo, FATE and Torchlight were all developed by the same core person – Travis Baldree. The relationship between these three game series is: grandfather, father, and son. So it’s not hard to see why they look so similar; 2) FATE only released one work + three expansions. In other words, there’s no such thing as FATE 2, 3, 4.

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[v1.2] Death’s Gambit Portable full versions download

Death’s Gambit is a hardcore, pixel-level 2D action RPG small game produced by White Rabbit and released by Adult Swim Games. It had been under development for four years before it was finally released in 2018. The inspiration of this game mainly comes from Dark Souls series. For example, its sword and shield design, endurance value system, and monster settings are all similar to the latter. Or, we can also regard it as a combination work of Dark Souls series and Shadow of the Colossus.

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Momodora all works in one place

Momodora is a 2D side-scroller, action RPG small indie game series that takes a lot of inspiration from three classic game series: Castalevania, Cave Story and Mega Man. It was developed by Bombservice and published by PLAYISM from Japan, using the Game Maker as its game engine (but its latest work Momodora V changed to use Unity game engine instead).

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The Ruins Of The Lost Kingdom – Vagrant Story-like action RPG type of free game

The Ruins Of The Lost Kingdom (ROLK for short) is a Japanese freeware 3D fantasy action RPG game. All sorts of characters and scenes design are quite magical, combined with the rhythmed background music, this game become quite a feast for the eyes.

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