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[v7.5, v7.0] IDA Pro – World’s smartest and most powerful disassembler

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IDA Pro (short for Interactive DisAssembler Professional) is an excellent and extremely powerful decompiler with high efficiency and good interactivity from Belgium. It’s also the best static decompiler at present (we can call it the world’s top-level). Many programmers and more crackers use it and even can’t do without it.

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PC Assembly Language by Paul Carter HD PDF

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The assembly language is actually a strongly functional programming language, which can utilize all features of computer hardware and directly control them. As a machine language, corresponding to the high-level language compiler, assembly language also needs a assembler to compile its source code into executable machine code. As far as I know, there are at least two skills can not do anything without the basic knowledge of assembly language, they are reverse engineering (software cracking) and disk repair.

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