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Sky Ball – Beautified and enhanced clone work of the classic Ballance

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Sky Ball is a physics-based small indie game with puzzle elements. It made me think of that very classic and well-crafted balance ball game – Ballance (AKA: 3D Balance Ball) at first glance. Yes, it’s actually a beautified and strengthened unofficial clone edition of Ballance. Although Sky Ball is rarely known, it’s still worth a try for fans players of Ballance.

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[NDS] N+ – Ninja skills challenge

The success of N on Windows as just a small flash game has given rise to its sequel N+ on Nintendo DS platform and N++ on Sony PlayStaion 4. This post is about the second work in this series of games developed by Metanet Software independent game company from Canada – N+ (AKA: N Plus).

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Moto Trial Fest – Realistic and exciting off-road moto challenges

As a wheel sport game enthusiast, I’ve been looking for classic works unswervingly. The whole series of Moto Trial Fest gives players a good feeling – full of tension and excitement. The game’s focus is to keep the car body’s balance and the continuity of movements.
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Air Transporter – Advanced helicopter operator

Air Transporter is a helicopter transport game that attaches great importance to the balance control. The purpose is to control your multipurpose light helicopter to transport the specified goods for various usages (build towers, quench/start fires, battle against tanks at wartime, and much more) to the appointed place to enter the next level.
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Pinkball – 3, 2, 1 Jump and Roll

At first glance, you may not believe that this series of small flash games turns out to be full 3D with only 500 KB size for its original .SWF file (designed by A Small Game). In particular, it comes with my favorite two elements: ball + balance with the effects of gravity and collision based on physics.
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Super Stacker – Art of stack and balance

Super Stacker is a series of physics and gravity based stacking style flash games made by The Game Homepage, comes with challenge and playability. Personally, I always think the balance is a kind of art! And this game provides players with the simplest and most effective way to try it out.

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[v2.0] N – Super cool Ninja action game

N is a classic and challenging 2D flash based game with simple graphics, very resistant to play. The action design of Ninja is pretty darned realistic and cool, which gives extremely high request to the player’s reaction speed and balance ability.

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