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Calq – Lightweight and on demand calculator

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Since have one computer, I don’t want to use my head. So many times when needs calculation, I like to use a calculator, such as calculating oil consumption, calculating salary income and so on. In the past I used the Windows built-in Calculator, and felt it was convenient enough – ‘Win+R‘, type ‘calc’, enter, then it’s done…. Until recently I found Calq.

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Currency Converter [Desktop] – Mini exchange rate calculator

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Fly everywhere all over the world, currency exchange is a very troublesome thing, take travel and shopping for example, that needs us know the corresponding foreign currency exchange rate. Even if don’t travel, there are plenty of people who often go shopping in the Amazon or eBay website, at this time, it couldn’t be more convenient if there is a automatic exchange rate conversion tool.

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SpeQ – Small, intuitive and powerful math calculator

SpeQ is a professional senior mathematics calculation application, very small (only about 500 kb) and powerful, is voted the 5-Star maths calculator by many famous download sites.

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