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[v11.07] SSD Fresh – Fast optimize your SSD performance with one-click

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Solid-state drives (SSD) have obvious advantages than the traditional mechanical hard disk drives (HDD), but do not mistakenly believe that an SSD does not need optimization. However, for the optimization of SSD, many users may just know one optimization setting – a new SSD should be formatted with 4K alignment. In fact, SSD actually has a lot of places that can be optimized for making its speed faster and service life longer.

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[v6.1] UltimateDefrag – Most visualized and popular disk defragmenter

As a matter of fact, most computer users only use about 20% files in 80% time, that means most of the content on your hard disk keeps in a dormant state in most of the time. By placing the rarely used files/folders onto the slower tracks on your drive (i.e.: near the center of the circle) and moving the frequently used ones to the areas that can be quickly accessed (external rim), we are able to realize the real optimization to disk performance.

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