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[v10.4] Symantec Encryption Desktop – PGP Desktop’s successor

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PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is currently the best and most popular data (including texts, e-mails, files, directories, partitions, and whole disk) signing, encrypting, and decrypting program, developed by Phil Zimmermann in 1991. Its source code is open, and it has withstood the challenges from thousands of top hackers around the world. It turns out that PGP is still the most secure encryption software in the world for now (until the popularity of quantum computers, I think). Without a password, no one can decrypt the data encrypted with it!

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[v18.5] MDaemon – Simple, secure, flexible and reliable email server

The main disadvantages of using a rented third-party enterprise post office for corporate users are as follows: 1) a lot of junk emails are received day by day; 2) there is nothing we can do every time something goes wrong, because most of the relevant resources are not under our control. In this case, we can try switching to MDaemon mail server. This way, not only will the received spam emails decrease significantly, but also network administrators can quickly lock down and fix problems based on the logs provided by this software on their own.

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