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[v0.2325] Empires of the Undergrowth – Lead your ant colony to dominance

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I myself have no idol in the human world, but in the nature world – there are life forms everywhere that let me envy too much, and ant is one of them. That’s why you can see some classic ants simulation games at AppNee. Such games are really few (especially Eric Tereshinski’s excellent first-person perspective of Ant Simulator had unfortunately been cancelled), and Empires of the Undergrowth is currently the latest, also the most well-crafted one. Slowly, of course, all the outstanding ant-themed games will appear in AppNee.

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[v1.9] Rampage Knights – Mixture of The Binding of Isaac and Golden Axe

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Rampage Knights is a Roguelike-RPG action game with emphasis on cooperation developed by Rake In Grass game studio. It is mainly inspired from two classic video games Golden Axe and The Binding of Isaac, and fuses the fast-paced design of beat ’em up games and adventure elements in dungeon crawler games.

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[v1.7] 8-Bit Commando – One classic remake edition of Contra

8-Bit Commando is a small 2D indie game developed by 2D Engine and first released in 2011. The first time you see it, you will realize that this is a remake edition of the old but classic series of video game Contra. In other words, that is equivalent to port Contra from FC console to PC platform to let you relive this classic video game.

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Tetris Ultimate Portable full versions download

Tetris has long been a popular choice for handheld game console gamers, and everyone knows its existence. Taking advantage of the 30th anniversary of Tetris series, Tetris Ultimate was released. As part of this great legend of the Tetris brand, it not only continues the challenge and fun brought by Tetris this classic video game, but also brings this game to more gamers across different game console platforms.

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Python Crash Course HD PDF

Python is an excellent programming language that is very easy to get started with. For example, compared to other data processing modes, Python language has the distinct advantages of supporting so many data import methods and perfectly cooperating with network capturing. In addition, Python is very efficient in data processing. According to its author, 4 GBs of physical memory can handle hundreds of millions of data with ease. So it is enough to be considered an edge tool for huge data processing.

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[v3.0] Canabalt HD – Run, run, run!

Canabalt was a flash based small game originally published in 2009, and after became popular in multiple platforms, like  iOSCommodore 64PlayStation PortableAndroid, Ouya. It will make you think of the classic series of action movie “Brick Mansions“!

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[v1.4] Empires Apart portable full versions download

Empires Apart is a multiplayer real-time strategy game against the background of middle ages, developed by DESTINYbit from Italy. On the map randomly generated by the game, players act as one of the six distinct factions (each has its own characteristics) to explore maps, collect resources, build fortifications, train soldiers, build forces, establish civilization and economy, develop agriculture, science and technology, trade with allies, resist the enemy’s invasions, and constantly develop (from medieval to modern) until finally unify the whole continent.

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