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[NES] TANK 1990 – A rare but cool enhanced edition of the classic Battle City

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Namco‘s Battle City is one of the most classic video games on FC console. When I was in primary school, I played an “enhanced edition” (added with boat, gun, weeding and other functional props) of Battle City at my classmates’ home during a summer holiday. This game has always been unforgettable for me. Fortunately, I thought of it again recently and finally searched and found it. So, here I will share it with all fans players of Battle City via AppNee.

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SMYNES – Forgotten FC/NES/FDS emulator with best compatibility

Speaking of FC (Family Computer)/NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)/FDS console emulator, there are only two most popular ones: VirtuaNES (from Japan) and SmyNES (from Taiwan, China). And SMYNES is actually the better one, at least more popular than VirtuaNES in China.

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FCEUX – All-in-one NES/Famicom/Dendy emulator

How many people still remember the Famicom (FC for short) game console or just know what it is? I do believe 80’s and 90’s should not feel strange about it. In 1983, this classic TV game console published by Nintendo brought us too much affect that we could never forget. Fortunately, in this era of computers and smart phones, video game emulator can help us review those classic video games on NES platform.

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[NES] Tecmo NBA Basketball ROM + Emulator

Compared with the first basketball video game published by KONAMI in 1985 for FC – Double Dribble, Tecmo NBA Basketball is another classic work for Nintendo Entertainment System platform, published in 1992 by Tecmo. It features an appearance from Michael Jordan and some hot NBA teams & players from the 1991 ~ 1992 NBA season.

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[FDS/FC] Super Mario Bros. 2 1986 Japan Edition ROM + Emulator

Super Mario Bros. 2 (short for SMB2J, ANA: Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, ????????????2, S?p? Mario Buraz?zu Ts?) was first released by Nintendo in 1986 originally for the Family Computer (Famicom) Disk System, as the direct and original sequel of Super Mario Bros. (1985), and specially for super players to challenge.

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[NES] Castlevania 1986 ROM + Emulator

Castlevania 1986 (AKA: CastleVania 1, Akumajou Dracula, 悪魔城ドラキュラ, Akumajō Dracula, Devil’s Castle Dracula) is the opening work of KONAMI‘s whole Castlevania series video game. First released on FDS (Famicom Disk System) platform in Japan in 1986, and was transplanted to NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) platform in EU/US later in the 1987 and 1988. So it also can be called Castlevania FDS/NES.

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