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[v3.4] Character Creator – Design realistic and unlimited 3D characters

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The heavy and complicated process of manufacturing 3D human characters (including appearance, skin, clothing, hairstyles, accessories, and other human factors) for real-time animation in the past might always lets you have no clue. This time, we’d better turn to some automation tools that can classify so many elements and details of creating characters. With them, you can finish your work by just drag & drop of mouse and preview it in real time, thus it is convenient for you to efficiently make a role.

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[v11.1, v11.0] Poser – 3D character art & animation complete solution

Smith Micro‘s Poser is a famous and professional human body 3D animation making & CG character designing software that enjoys a great fame in the industry. It’s also known as “master of character modelling”, and was the first tool that could completely present 3D characters animation. People who have ever used it are able to feel that it’s so easy, free and relaxed to create vivid 3D character art & animation work using Poser.

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The Human Figure in Motion HD PDF

The Human Figure in Motion is a quite old but very practical book for learning animation. It was written by Eadweard Muybridge, and published by Dover Publications in 1955 (originally published in 1901). The whole book has a total of 390 pages (AppNee only has and shares its Photo Album part), contains a large number of decomposition materials for human motion, and can be used as a must-read reference book for standard body movements for both animation production professionals and enthusiasts.

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