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Minetest – Free and open-source voxel game engine

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When you first launched Minetest, didn’t you think it was just Minecraft? Actually not. Although their interface, style, and gameplay are almost the same, Minetest is essentially a free, open-source and cross-platform voxel game engine (written in C++ and Lua, using the Irrlicht Engine). It was created by Perttu Ahola and first released in 2010, and is now developed by a team of volunteers, with significant contributions from the community. It’s available for Linux-based systems, FreeBSD, Windows, Mac, and Android platforms, and provides an API for users to create their own games and mods written in Lua.

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[v1.9.8] CastleMiner Z Portable full versions

On the face of CastleMiner Z, I guess most players are likely to think it as a MOD of MineCraft. In fact, they just look alike. CastleMiner Z is an action-adventure game with very high playability. It was developed by DigitalDNA Games, based on sandbox gameplay, and belongs to the survival type of zombie horror game.

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Telltale Music Extractor – Quick and easy Telltale Games’ soundtrack extractor

First of all, not all of the wonderful music you heard can be bought or downloaded from somewhere. Then, if I said the background music of a lot of games (especially the ones categorized in adventure type) are really awesome, I think most game players will agree. So how to get them out from games for direct play or collection? This case, third-party tools are almost always required, and of which, a game audio extractor is preferred. As for recording game music, that’s just a remedy way.

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