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[v5.7, v4.4] Gigapixel AI – Enlarging your photos without losing detail

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As a matter of fact, lossless compression is not very difficult for image files. With proper algorithms, you can compress the file size of an image while preserving as much detail as possible. On the contrary, it is very difficult to enlarge images without quality loss. As everyone knows, image is made up of pixels, and it becomes blurry and distorted when you zoom in on it. If we want to realize the lossless magnification of an image, we need to make up for the missing details after the image enlargement, which has a very high requirement on the calculation and analysis capabilities of program.

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[v8.0, v7.x] PhotoZoom Pro – Famous digital photo enlarger and downsizer

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Many office workers often need to find some pictures material on the Internet for use, but sometimes the result is unsatisfactory. For example, the image size is too small. This case, we have to try to enlarge the image losslessly. However, as a common sense, images are always made at the expense of reducing the quality when they are zoomed in or out. At this point, we need special tools to solve this problem.

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Reshade Image Enlarger – Highest quality photo enlarger

Reshade Image Enlarger (alias: Reshade Image Resizer) is a picture magnifier application, which provides the high-quality image enlargement effect. That’s you can change the picture size yet avoid the usual fuzzy, serrated edge, intensification and other issues at the same time.

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