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[v3.3] Text Speaker – Turn your text documents into spoken words

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If you like to read novels or e-books on a computer, long time of looking will make your eyes feel very tired and affect your eyesight. In this case, you can use a tool like Text Speaker to read the novel out, and listen to it instead of reading it, thus freeing your eyes and hands to do other things while listening to the novel. Alternatively, you can convert the text content to audio file for collection or play it elsewhere.

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[v4.0] TextAloud – Let all the words you see be read out naturally

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TextAloud is a classic and useful multimedia application based on the speech synthesis technology. It’s ideally suitable for people with dyslexia or loss of speaking ability, as well as anybody who likes to listen to text content or often needs to read materials out. It is able to convert the text in any application into a naturally sounding voice or audio file. It runs in the system background, waiting for users to call it to read the text in an Email, Web page, or any other files on your computer whenever necessary.

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DSpeech – Standalone and high-quality TTS freeware

DSpeech is very practical text reading/TTS (Text To Speech) application from Italy. It is very small, portable (no installation required) and standalone (using the default voice engine in Windows), easy to use, runs fast with very low consumption of system resources, and integrates with the functionality of ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition).

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