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MAMP – Your preferred local web development solution on Mac

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Using the three free, open-source and original system components (PHP, MySQL, and phpMyAdmin) to develop, test, and deploy Web applications locally is almost the only best option available at the moment. Thereinto, Apache Web server and PHP hypertext preprocessor are preinstalled on Mac. But they are not enabled by default, and the pre-installed version of PHP lacks many utility features. The MySQL needs to be installed and configured separately. Unless you are able to expertly use command lines in Terminal, installing the one-stop solution MAMP (PRO) is much simpler and more efficient.

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[v11.x.x] Komodo IDE – Cross-Platform IDE for all major programming languages

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ActiveState Komodo IDE is a cross-platform (Windows, Mac and Linux), universal IDE programming development tool supporting for multiple dynamic programming languages. It provides a powerful workspace for editing, debugging and testing programs and supports all mainstream programming languages (115+) including Python, PHP, Go, Perl, Tcl, Ruby, NodeJS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and so on.

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Head First Rails Scanned PDF

The Rails framework (formerly the MVC framework, AKA: Ruby on Rails) was put forward by David Heinemeier Hansson from Denmark for the first time in 2004. Different from any existing complex, ivory-towered Web development frameworks at that time, Rails is more in line with actual needs and more efficient. It combines the advantages of PHP system (rapid development) and Java system (structured programming). As a consequence, Rails received extensive attention in the industry not long after it was proposed.

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Head First Ruby: A Brain-Friendly Guide HD PDF

Ruby is a simple and fast object-oriented programming scripting language that is obviously younger than other similar programming languages (such like Perl or Python). It was written by Yukihiro Matsumoto from Japan (started in 1993 and finished in 1995). The inspiration and characteristics of Ruby are mainly from Perl, Squeak/Smalltalk, Eiffel, Ada and Lisp programming languages.

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