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[v6.0] HashTab – Fast, simple CRC32, MD5 and SHA-1 checking

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If you don’t understand what is the hash value of a file, then, i don’t think you have to study this application, because maybe you do not need to use it or even know it at all.

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bbLean – Best alternative to Explorer.exe

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bbLean is based on BlackBox, which can fully take over Windows Explorer, known as the best alternative of Explorer.exe, so we can directly replace desktop and Windows Explorer after system starts. bbLean’s most prominent advantage is that it can take up less system resources than the standard Explorer.exe of Windows in the same environment (about 50%).

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Mp3ListShellEx – Quickly create MP3 playlists

Individually put some frequently listened music files in a folder and then play them, this is the conventional way of playing songs on your hard disk. But if these music files distributes in multiple folders, then it needs us to enter into these directories to play. Moreover, in this playing process, it is always impossible to play according to the sequences of track title, file bit rate (i.e. the quality of music files), album title and so on. This brings user a lot of inconvenience in deed…

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Open++ (OpenXX) – Right-click menu customization

Skilled in the use of shortcuts is the sign of someone changing from rookie to superior, i.e. use fewer actions to achieve the same purpose. Open++ is a context menu shell extension application which is used to add custom commands to right-click menu, builds up a list of common tools to simplify the routine, has the same effect with FileMenu Tools.

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ShellEnhancer – Windows default shell extender

ShellEnhancer is an enhancer application specially used for enhancing the default Windows Shell settings. It includes two different kinds of TaskSwitchers (Enhanced TaskSwitcher and Mosaic TaskSwitcher), which can be used to replace the default “Alt + Tab” task switching function of Windows.

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