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Falcon Proxy – Simple, clear and easy-to-use proxies switcher for Chrome

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The first thing to make clear is that proxies are not like VPN (Virtual Private Network), Shadowsocks, or some other Internet censorship circumvention applications. It mainly applies to two situations: 1) users want to hide their real IP address when surfing websites; 2) users want to choose to use the ISP (Internet Service Provider) that supports websites or online games well in order to get a better connection speed. The biggest drawback of proxies is that they are very easy to be invalid, therefore manually and frequently setting up the proxy for a web browser can be a very troublesome matter.

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Shadowsocks – Very fast and secure cross-plarform SOCKS5 proxy

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As is known to all, the serious network blockade and censorship in Mainland China (namely the GFW founded in 1998) has given rise to numerous excellent proxy software from China, including but not limited to: Freegate, UltraSurf, SoftEther VPNGoAgent, Shadowsocks, cow, Lantern, and more. Among them, Shadowsocks (AKA: 影梭) is a free, open-source, cross-platform, encrypted, and secure small proxy project from China. It uses the SOCKS5 proxy protocol (similar to SSH tunnel), and runs very, very fast. In China and many other countries, it’s widely used to break through the GFW-like Internet blockade and censorship and access the disturbed, blocked, or shielded web sites and web services around the world, such as Google, YouTube, FaceBook/Twitter, and more.

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