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[v2.4.6] WinLicense – Professional software protection and licensing management

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If you are in the software development industry, perhaps a common shareware programmer, or an engineering manager, you need to protect your software. In order to prevent their software from being cracked or illegally used, all software developers will take various measures to protect their software. One of the most commonly used methods is the software registration mechanism.

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[v3.0.4] Themida – Advanced Windows software protection system

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In the current Internet environment, most commercial software can be cracked, and that is just a matter of cost and time at most. In order to protect their software from reverse engineering or cracking, almost all software developers use a lot of codes with complex encryption algorithms. That not only costs developers a lot of energy and expense, but also makes the program more chaotic and bloated, and the final effect is not obvious.

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[v3.5] VMProtect – Protect your software from reversing and cracking

As software development companies, their biggest concern is that their software will be decompiled/cracked soon after it is launched, so many developers choose to pack/encrypt their software products. In general, the file size of packed software is smaller, and the program itself becomes more secure. These days, packer has been moving towards virtual machine protection technology, whose greatest benefit is that it can greatly improve the protection strength. Packers employing this technology include Themida, WinLicense, EXECryptor, etc.; While the downside is that it affects the startup and running speeds of program, so it’s not suitable for every situation.

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[v4.0] Trial-Reset – Software trial period limit resetting/removal tool

If some shareware opens all its functions to users during the probation period, so in addition to cracking it, we can also achieve the purpose of using it indefinitely by resetting its trial period or usage counter (I like to call that soft cracking). Nirsoft‘s RunAsDate enables any software to run at a specified date all the time, which can help us indefinitely use some commercial software. But there will be no way out for the ones with limitation of use times or multiple-validation mechanism. This is where the Trial-Reset comes in.

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