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[v12.16] DriverMax – Keep your drivers up to date

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At least in some cases, using an automation solution for driver installation and update can get twofold result with half effort. For example: install or update the hardware drivers for old computers or lower versions of Windows (the low efficiency and numerous difficulties of finishing this work manually are almost unbearable); you have to reinstall all hardware drivers after the reinstallation of Windows (the Windows built-in drivers are not always the most suitable ones); package all drivers into one complete backup after the full setup of them all.

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[v4.2] SoftPerfect RAM Disk – Create super fast RAM disk for any temporary data

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Computer users who have a little extra money or are willing to cost input on hardware probably have installed and are running their operating systems on a solid-state drive (SSD), in order to gain a better PC performance and user experience. However, SSD has a fatal drawback – it can not write frequently, otherwise the disk life can be significantly shortened. As a result, virtualizing the physical memory as RAM disk became popular. Without exaggeration, RAM disk can be twice as fast as the top-of-the-line SSD and 10 times of the fastest HDD at least!

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[v6.10] EarthView – High detail views of the earth at day and night

EarthView is a fairly cool dynamic desktop background/wallpaper + screensaver program that only takes earth as its theme, developed by DeskSoft from Austria. It gives us a direct bird’s-eye view of the earth from outer space on desktop, and shows the shift of day and night (i.e. the daylight zone and dark area at night) and the atmospheric cloud changes in a dynamic way, which can give users a stunning visual experience.

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[v6.7] Syncios – Best iTunes alternative tool

iTunes has clearly become an overdeveloped piece of junk software. Because it integrates so many unpractical functions, and the consequences are obvious: has extremely slow startup speed, takes up a lot of hard disk space, and consumes a lot of system resources. If you’ve fed up with official software like iTunes, too, then try Syncios, a third-party solution that lets you easily manage all kinds of data from a variety of iOS devices on your PC.

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[v3.4.x] Bulk Rename Utility – Best freeware batch renaming utility

Bulk Rename Utility (BRU for short) is a free file/folder batch renaming application honored as “The Most Useful and Best Renaming Tool” by many famous software websites, small size yet powerful functions, friendly user interface and completely free, divided into 13 particular operations.

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