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[v3.5.5] uTorrent – Smallest and fastest BitTorrent client

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μTorrent (AKA: microTorrent or uTorrent, short for “µT” or “uT”) is a freeware BitTorrent download client, written in C++. It is the most widely used BitTorrent client now, outside China (where XunLei is more popular and has the has the largest number of users in the world).

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[v1.7] tTorrent – Torrent downloader client for Android OS

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Many people like to download all kinds of free resources from Internet through BT clients, because the download speed of this way can reach the limit of the user’s network bandwidth, and the acquisition of resources and software operation are very simple. More importantly, BitTorrent is great for downloading large files, such as gigabytes of high-definition video. Previously, this process could only done on a computer. But now, with the speed of the mobile network and the space on the phone increasing significantly, it’s becoming a matter of course to download files directly on the phone via BitTorrent.

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WebTorrent – Streaming torrent media resource direct download and player

The “play after downloading” and “direct play online” for streaming media have an immeasurably vast difference on experience. However, streaming media websites providing online music or video play service have been facing two development difficulties: copyright and server performance. For the former, if they chose to buy the original copyright, the investment will be huge, and comes with too few resources and very slow update; if it was pirated, then that’s always possible to be under surveillance and even shut down at any time. In the latter case, the more people visit, the worse the server performance will be, which means either they have to increase the hardware investment, or it’s difficult to get further development.

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BEncode Editor – Only one real .torrent and µTorrent’s .dat file editor

The BT torrent file based on the peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing protocol is an important way to acquire and share network resources nowadays. But sometimes the files list within a torrent file downloaded from Internet can be very disordered, whereas what we need is probably just a part of the listed files. In particular, more and more torrent files were deliberately added a large amount of objectionable AD images, promotional texts, Internet Shortcuts linking to web pages, and other junk files by their makers or spreaders.

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Torrent File Editor – Create and edit torrent file from scratch

Torrent File Editor is a free, open-source and cross-platform BitTorrent file “laundering” edge tool developed by Ivan Romanov from Russia. It was written using Qt framework, and specially designed to create and edit .torrent files.

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