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Professional JavaScript for Web Developers HD PDF, MOBI

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JavaScript is currently the main programming language for the development of Web client, also the core of Ajax technology. And the both win of ECMAScript 5 and HTML5 in the battle over the standard made a large number of proprietary implementations and client extension enter into the official specification, also added a lot of new features for JavaScript to adapt to the future development.

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PHP and MySQL Web Development HD PDF

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PHP and MySQL remain the two most popular open-source Web development technologies. In PHP and MySQL Web Development, the authors share their experience with PHP and MySQL without reservation. This book is a definitive guide to building database-driven Web applications using PHP and MySQL, and has been a best-seller for more than a decade.

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PHP in Action: Objects, Design, Agility HD PDF

The rapid development of PHP has already surpassed Java and ASP to become by far the most popular Web development language. Its unique syntax mixed with C, Java, Perl and PHP own innovative syntax, supports almost all popular databases and operating systems, and can use C, C++ to perform program extension. With the release of PHP 5 and the adoption of the Zend framework (now the Laminas Project), the marriage of PHP with agile method, design patterns, and unit testing has become a mainstream topic.

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Head First HTML5 Programming HD PDF

HTML5 has already won the Web standards war and been supported by all web browsers. If you want to create a website or web application that is dynamic, interactive, data-rich and interconnected, then you need to use the latest HTML5 technologies to do it, such as geolocation, video, 2D rendering, Web storage, Web worker threads, etc. Head First HTML5 Programming is a definitive guide to HTML5, front-end developers from beginners to experienced veterans can benefit from it.

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Cross-Platform Desktop Applications: Using Electron and NW.js HD PDF

JavaScript used to be just a scripting language running in the browser’s sandbox environment. Since the release of Node.js in 2009, JavaScript has show extraordinary talents on the server side, the Internet of Things, mobile native application development, and even desktop application development. In the past, to develop desktop applications, we need to learn the exclusive programming languages and development frameworks for different platforms, which not only costs a lot, but also takes a lot of time to make a desktop application that supports and is compatible with multiple OS platforms, and basically needs to be implemented by different teams for different platforms.

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CSS in Depth HD PDF

CSS in Depth is a complete and clear guide, a CSS bible to keep up with the times, which will take you from novice to expert in the CSS field. The purpose of this book is to give the reader an in-depth understanding of the CSS language and a quick understanding of the new developments and features of CSS. Not only does the book have a well-explained concept introduction, but it also has detailed step-by-step examples that will help you improve your Web development skills and inspire your design so as to become a true Web development superior.

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Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools HD PDF

Compilation principle is an important and professional course for computer majors, also one of the most difficult and challenging courses to learn. It aims at introducing the general principles and basic methods of compiler construction, and studying how to develop computer programs more efficiently so as to reduce the threshold of programming. In this age of highly developed IDEs, why should programmers learn the principles of compilation? In fact, the principle of compilation permeates every aspect of the daily programming work. Therefore, learning the principles of compilation can help you better understand computer programs and provide a solid foundation for your future development.

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