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VRChat – Create and explore virtual worlds

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VRChat is a very cool, free massively multiplayer online virtual reality social platform application (not just a game) developed by Graham Gaylor and Jesse Joudrey using Unity in 2014. If you think of VRChat as a pure game, then its gameplay is somewhat similar to that of Second Life and Habbo. In this VR world, every player can create his/her favorite world, room and character, incarnate into any figure he/she likes, and freely communicate and interact with strangers all over the world!

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[v3.11.06] Grome – Build, customize and control virtual 3D world in an easier way

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Grome (short for Ground Moeling Environment) is a 3D simulation software for game environment that was especially designed for game developers, developed by Quad Software from Romania in 2007. However, its applications are not limited to entertainment industry. More than a terrain editor/level editor, it is also a complete scene constructor. In fact, it was also successfully used in some other cases, for example: virtual reality projects, real-time 3D simulation, the creation of scenes for offline rendering, and more.

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[v4.4] Terragen – Realistic natural environment simulator, renderer & animator

In my opinion, all the unique and particularly beautiful sceneries can be created only by the nature, which is forever beyond any human’s power. At the same time, any beauty intervened by human has got permanent limitations. Therefore, for a long time, I guess in the mind of many people, there is a beautiful world that only belongs to ourselves. If you want to make it perfectly presented on a computer, Terragen is one of the best solutions you need.

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