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Minetest – Free and open-source voxel game engine

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When you first launched Minetest, didn’t you think it was just Minecraft? Actually not. Although their interface, style, and gameplay are almost the same, Minetest is essentially a free, open-source and cross-platform voxel game engine (written in C++ and Lua, using the Irrlicht Engine). It was created by Perttu Ahola and first released in 2010, and is now developed by a team of volunteers, with significant contributions from the community. It’s available for Linux-based systems, FreeBSD, Windows, Mac, and Android platforms, and provides an API for users to create their own games and mods written in Lua.

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[v2016.11.05] GeoVox – Voxel-based real-time terrain editor

GeoVox is a voxel-based, real-time terrain generation tool, developed and published by Axis Game Factory in 2015. As a terrain creation tool, its most prominent feature is that it’s based on Volume Pixel (Voxel). With its help, game developers can instantly create lush AAA quality of environments from the start; create carve, sculpt, and generate scenes like never before; then play with and share them.

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MagicaVoxel – 8-bit voxel art editor and interactive path tracing renderer

Voxel (short for voluempixel) refers to the smallest unit of the world that is made up of objects rendered in three dimensions, which can be cube, sphere, cylinder and many other basic geometries, as well as the iteration forms of complex geometry. When it comes to voxel games, the representative work is of course the well-known sandbox game Minecraft, in which the entire game world was created using voxels.

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