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[v31.1] TuneIn – Only best online radio program for mobile phone

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TuneIn (AKA: TuneIn Radio Pro) is a well-received and classic Internet radio station application for both desktop and mobile platforms, which has been quite popular since the days of BlackBerry. It enables user to listen to Internet radio stations in various languages and regions around the world smoothly and clearly. As the world’s most powerful and popular Internet-streaming media app, its status in the industry is equivalent to the audio equivalent of YouTube.

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[v2.75] RarmaRadio – Bring Internet radios to life

I have loved listening to the radio since I was a child, from FM (Frequency Modulation) to AM (Amplitude Modulation) and SW (shortwave). The content ranges from my favorite domestic programs to foreign ones that I totally don’t understand at all (in that case, of course, they are mostly music related programs). This habit continued until we could listen to more Internet radio stations with better sound quality more easily on our computer. After that, listening to radio programs on a semiconductor/digital radio has become a beautiful memory of the past forever.

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[v7.46] ProgDVB – Most popular program used to watch DVB TV

ProgDVB is tool that enables user to watch digital TV and listen to radio channels through computer and satellite TV receiver card. It allows user to watch TV and listen to radio channels directly from satellites by using TV cards with hardware decoders, supports all digital TV audio and video formats, as well as most of DVB, ISDB-T and ATSC devices. Because its functionality is powerful, its function extension plug-ins are numerous, its hardware compatibility is very good, it’s so popular among satellite TV/radio enthusiasts around the world.

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