[NES] TANK 1990 – A rare but cool enhanced edition of the classic Battle City

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Namco‘s Battle City is one of the most classic video games on FC console. When I was in primary school, I played an “enhanced edition” (added with boat, gun, weeding and other functional props) of Battle City at my classmates’ home during a summer holiday. This game has always been unforgettable for me. Fortunately, I thought of it again recently and finally searched and found it. So, here I will share it with all fans players of Battle City via AppNee.

TANK 1990 (AKA: 烟山90坦克,坦克大战烟山版, FC Battle City Enhanced Edition) is a very popular modified/hacked/enhanced edition of the classic Battle City video game on FC/NES game console, made by YS from China in 1990. Its main features include: changed levels, changed props (take boat to sail on water, get gun to have super bullets, etc.), added a giant tank Boss at level 225 (whose prototype is based on the level 2 of Super Contra).

After entering the game, you will find it is divided into TANK A~N 14 versions. TANK A~G are the original versions (enemy tanks can not use props), TANK H~N are the modified versions (the initial state of your tank is 1-star, but enemy tanks can use props). Pressing ‘Select’ key on your gamepad can switch to the other 14 versions (the default is 15~28), and the tanks have different limitations in different versions.

BTW, the TANK D and TANK K versions don’t have boat and weeding props. And the known methods about how to get the weeding ability are: take two guns; take one gun + two stars. In short, if you want to revisit the classic Battle City video game on a computer, then this unofficial, homemade work is definitely the best choice.

// Key Features //

  • Player tank is invincible, born with a lightning shield that will not disappear.
  • Add a boat prop, players can sail on the water.
  • Added a handgun prop, makes player tank’s power directly be upgraded to the final level.
  • The enemy tank can use various props too.
  • If the enemy picks up the grenade, the player tank will be killed.
  • Base is not invincible, so players still need to protect their base.
  • There is no change in the number or capability of enemy tanks.

// Props Introduction //

The props are different from the original ones, and have different abilities.

Item Description
Helmet Make your tank invincible, and no time limit
Handgun Make your tank have a super shell, which has a higher power and fire rate, and can shoot through steal
Pentastar Increase the rate of fire, and picking up three stars can make your tank become a super tank along with super shell.
Grenade Blow up all enemy tanks (though yours will be killed too if they pick it up)
Wherry Enable tank to drive through the water, and this prop has no time limit.
Timer Keep all tanks stationary for a certain amount of time.
Spade Secure your base with steel in a certain amount of time.
Tank Add one life

// Fan-Made Demo Video //

// Download URLs //

License Size ROM Size
Free Game Small 21.5 KB
Big 18.8 KB

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