TankZone Battle – Counter-Strike style of tank battle game

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TankZone Battle is a dynamic and exciting 3D tank battle small game developed and published by Render System in 2015, made with Unity game engine. Its game design integrates the characteristics of some classic video/PC games like Battle City and Counter-Strike, and is supplemented by 3D rendering, which make it reach a new level in terms of playability.

At the beginning of this game, player first needs to customize his tank, arm it, and then enter into the battlefield to fight with the enemy. Killing enemies can earn money, with which you can buy more powerful turrets in rebirth. Because it takes the locked 45° angle of view, the tank’s crosshair is changed to a straight line, so that the projectile will hit the first object in its flight line (so it is a bit difficult to operate). In other words, it works on the same principles as the traditional Battle City. Plus, the tank’s chassis has no obvious head-end shape, that’s why player often feels disoriented as it moves along. But, these further enrich the fun of this game on the contrary.

In addition, TankZone Battle supports multiplayer online game mode, which further spices up the game’s interestingness. And combined with the fairly fast pace, it makes the online gaming experience even better. In short, players who like tank war game and network versus game might as well give it a try! BTW, in this game, the power of ammunition is not everything. Instead, flexibly utilizing your speed, agility and the surrounding blindages is the key to beat your competitors!

// Key Features //

  • Online fights in principle similar to game Counter-Strike
  • No microtransactions
  • Funny playability
  • Quick action
  • Different tactic with various weapons (light tank can defeat heavy tank)
  • Destructible environment
  • Modern graphic
  • Tank customizing and equipment purchasing at the beginning of each round
  • 12 weapons and 3 special accessories such as mines, smoke screen and tree branches on the tank as a tank camouflage
  • Different types of tank camouflage for better camouflage in environment
  • Classical and digital camouflage in templates wood, desert, winter country
  • Suitable choice of camouflage can increase the chance to survive
  • Play as you can see , no additional GUI elements over the rival´s units
  • Possibility to use bush as a cache, the enemy cannot see any GUI, only the tank model. Till after the player is hit, the name and status of the tank is displayed

// Game Manual //

The player chooses the team. At the beginning of each round , the player has the possibility to entry a shop where he/she can buy equipment, arms and ammunition according to available money/finances. Money is possible to gain according to merits in battle. These are fairly divided according to how many HP the player takes from rival player, not according to number of destroyed units. The aim is to destroy all rival player´s units. The players can use surrounding buildings, plants and suitable type of camouflage in their favour. At the base camp it is possible to fill up the munition.
Each player will found its own tactic and favourite way of game playing. The principle is, that the player with heavy artillery has the support of at least one player with lighter artillery. During the heavy artillery overcharging it is appropriate to be protected by another player, whose gun takes shorter to be overcharged.
The Game and its balance
The players can use the weapons which differs by power. The balance is made by length of artillery overcharging. It means, if the player, who has heavy artillery, fired, has to wait for overcharging longer than the player with light artillery . More powerful weapon requires bigger accuracy of player and his/her manoeuvrability. By this it is ensured that the player with weak artillery has possibility to defeat the player with strong artillery.

// Official Demo Video //

// System Requirements //

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the TankZone Battle portable full registered versions for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Download URLs //

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