[v2.5] TapScanner – Powerful and high-quality PDF scanner for mobile

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TapScanner is a very powerful and professional document scanning software for the mobile platforms. It converts paper documents or image files into high-quality PDF files just using your smartphone’s camera, and supports for extracting the text content from images. Therefore, it is a very practical software for office workers.

TapScanner can scan any type of document and save the scan to PDF (such as paper documents, receipts, QR, ID and business cards), automatically detects document borders when you scan a document, converts image to text – supporting 110+ Languages, enables output of live text from scanned images, signs & sends documents to others for signing with an electronic signature, uploads scanned files to cloud storage services (Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, etc.).

As a compact, easy-to-use document scanning and management application for mobile devices, TapScanner has high-quality PDF document output and robust OCR recognition capabilities. It automatically and quickly recognizes all text content, can edit the scanned text, allows to sign the PDF document by hand, can recognize text content in more than 110 languages, with very high accuracy. Nowadays the digital office is ubiquitous, TapScanner is even more useful.

// Key Features //

Feature Description
Scan to PDF
  • Scan any document and convert to PDF with your mobile device.
  • TapScanner has got you covered with our pdf maker. Receipts, documents, business cards, whiteboards, ID’s, books and photos – From image to pdf immediately
We do the work for you with Auto Border detection
  • Scanning made easy
  • Get your documents auto cropped and sorted in the way you need them
  • Save time cropping each document
Finish your paperwork from anywhere
  • Use the best document scanner to attach an E-signature using pdf sign tools.
  • Mark and edit fields to add everything you need.
Get the perfect scan – Enhance with Filters
  • Powerful filters that will make your scanned documents look professional
  • Remove shadows and artifacts to enhance your scans
  • Port to black and white or adjust contrast and brightness
Backup to Cloud
  • Just like that, scans on your phone are backed up to your favourite cloud.
  • TapScanner’s PDF converter ensures you store a high-quality PDF output from our mobile scanner
Edit text from your scans
  • Convert image to text – Edit your scans with OCR
  • Export accurate text straight from your docs
  • Unlock content and extract text from images through OCR with automated text recognition enhanced by machine learning algorithms
  • Read QR codes with the built in QR scanner which supports links, text ISBN and emails – simply access the Qr code reader in the cam scan module
PDF Editor
  • Pdf splitter – simply import a pdf file and TapScanner will manage everything you need
  • It’s never been easier to split pdf into a number of pdf files
Print Using this PDF scanner, you can print directly from our scanner app.
Get everyone in on the loop
  • Share documents easily and quickly
  • Seamlessly share to email, social media and instant messaging apps
  • Create folders and tag documents to organize all your scans
  • Find the important docs you need inside TapScanner’s mobile pdf scanner
  • Find documents in your scanned library easily by name, tag or folder

// Official Demo Video //

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the TapScanner Pro Edition paid full versions for Android OS.

// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
for Android
Pro Edition v2.5.96 37.6 MB


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