Teleportower – Creative and challenging action puzzle indie game

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Teleportower – Creative and challenging action puzzle indie game

Puzzle type of small games can be seen everywhere, but it's hard to find some creative ones with high playability. Teleportower (AKA: テレポー塔) belongs to the minority, which is a free and small 2D action puzzle game series with simple operations and 150 challenging stages, developed using Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer by 架歩 from Japan in 2010.

In Teleportower, your main task is pass through the layer upon layer of towers, and collect all treasures in the tower. Of course, the main story line proves nothing, because the highlight of this game lies in that it structures each floor of tower with two planes. The character is able to shuttle back and forth between these two planes, and the meaning of this kind of shuttle is to help you avoid all obstacles. For example, you encounter a wall on the left plane, then you can teleport yourself to the plane on the right side to bypass this obstacle and then turn back to the left and continue.

Certainly, there's no use in discussing it in depth. Everyone can give Teleportower this small and challenging game a try, so as to have fun and relax our tight nerve. BTW, on the basis of Teleportower, Teleportower Plus adds 50 stages (a total of 100 stages) and includes a level editor and a tower builder for fan players to design their own game stages.

Teleportower – Creative and challenging action puzzle indie game

// Default Controls //

  • Direction key (left / right): Move character, Move cursor
  • Z key: Jump character, decide
  • X key: Teleport the character, decide
  • Esc key: Return to previous screen

// Prompts //

  • By selecting CONFIG from the title screen, you can change the window size and key assignment
  • You can delete saved data by deleting [save.ini] in the same folder
  • Teleport can not be done if there are obstacles in the destination
  • In addition to the keyboard, a joypad can also be used

// Download URLs //

Teleportowerv1.0 Final50Teleportower – Creative and challenging action puzzle indie game1.47 MB
Teleportower Plusv1.62 Final100Teleportower – Creative and challenging action puzzle indie game2.82 MB


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