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Who is Joshua Waitzkin? If you lived in the United States, probably already knew him – he became one of the top players of international chess at the age of 10; Or if you have seen a Hollywood film “Searching for Bobby Fischer” (adapted from a book with the same name written by his father), you must still remember that impressive little hero. At the age of 18, he published personal first book “Attacking Chess: Aggressive Strategies, Inside Moves from the U.S. Junior Chess Champion”; when he was 20 years old, he developed the world’s largest computer chess program – Chessmaster (published by Ubisoft); and now he is a master of Tai Chi Chuan with many world champion titles.

The Art of Learning is very impressive too. This book introduces currently the world’s most important also the most easily neglected art – the art of learning to you. In real life, except occasionally get something owing to good luck, everything else is dependent on this art. Only through learning, we could attain health, wealth and happiness. In fact, all progress of human society can not go without learning.

Af last, AppNee wants to tell everybody: Method, rule, equipment, time, ability, intelligence, money… and every other thing is not the key. Eventually, all depends on whether you have a heart of learning or not, that’s all!

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