The Best of TV Animation Slam Dunk – Single Collection + OST in multiple audio formats

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Slam Dunk is considered to be the noonday work of Japanese realism manga, its fame in the whole manga/animation world can not be overlooked. Especially when its TV Animation broadcasted around the world, it raised an unprecedented hot wave of basketball in adolescents. Believe that many 80 and 90’s love to basketball might be based on the this animation. Thereinto, almost everyone who saw it must fell in love with its songs (including OP, ED and ES).

In fact, for Slam Dunk, its cartoon songs’ fame is not a bit less than its original manga or animation, this point is agreed by most people. Beyond doubt, Slam Dunk’s many songs have been beyond the scope of anisong. They are so popular at Japan home and abroad that make guys who even haven’t seen this animation know these songs such as Kimi ga sukida to sakebitai, Anatadake Mitsumeteru… In a sense, these animation songs’ influence has also become a milestone of Japanese anime songs. BTW, so far, THE BEST OF TV ANIMATION SLAM DUNK〜Single Collection〜 is still the only one music album on the earth in which each piece of music is popular.

What AppNee provides everyone are both the official full CD album of The Best of TV Animation Slam Dunk – Single Collection (AKA: THE BEST OF TV ANIMATION SLAM DUNK〜Single Collection〜, ザ・ベスト・オブ・テレビ・アニメーション・スラム・ダンク シングル・コレクション, 灌篮高手最佳单曲辑) – 8 pieces, and the TV Animation SLAM DUNK Original Soundtrack~Special TV Version~ (AKA: 灌篮高手原声音乐TV 版) – up to 32 pieces. This contains almost all the commonly used audio formats (MP3, M4A, WAV, APE, FLAC, EAC…) with different quality, as well as any related information.


Role English Name Singer Japanese Name Chinese Name For Episodes
OP Kimi ga sukida to sakebitai BAAD 君が好きだと叫びたい 好想大声说爱你 TV 1-61
ED Anatadake Mitsumeteru Maki Ohguro (大黒摩季) あなただけ見つめてる 只凝视着你 TV 1-24
ED Sekaiga owaru madewa WANDS 世界が終るまでは・・・ 直到世界的尽头 TV 25-49
ED Kirameku toki ni torawarete MANISH 煌く瞬間に捕われて 捕捉闪耀的瞬间 TV 50-81
OP Zettaini daremo ZYYG ぜったいに 誰も 谁也不能左右我 TV 62-101
ED My Friend ZARD マイフレンド 我的朋友 TV 82-101
ED Kirameku toki ni torawarete (CINEMA Version) MANISH 煌く瞬間に捕われて(CINEMA Version) 捕捉闪耀的瞬间 TV 50-81

*** OP = Opening Song
*** ED = Ending Song
*** ES = Episode Song

TV Animation SLAM DUNK Original Soundtrack~Special TV Version~:

Japanese Name Chinese Name English Name
  1. 君が好きだと叫びたい(TV VERSION)
  2. TIP OFF!!
  3. 流川楓~勝利を呼ぶ男
  4. 超上対決~牧VS仙道
  5. ライバル対決~仙道VS流川
  6. 湘北ファイブの動揺
  7. せまりくる不安
  9. 一触即発~もう誰にもとめられない
  10. 激しく…むなしく…
  11. 静かなる熱意~想いは全国へ
  12. 花道の決意~王者への出発
  13. タイムアウト湘北~君達は強い…!!
  14. 速攻!!反撃開始
  15. 三井の意地
  16. 赤木の不安
  17. 燃える男 キャプテン赤木
  18. 気合いを入れ直せ!
  19. まだまだゆずれない!
  20. 花道~リバウンドへの道
  21. 呪われたフリースロー“はずせはずせはずせ…おちろおちろおちろ…”
  22. ガランとした体育館
  23. 君に夢中!
  24. とまどい
  26. 夜明け
  27. トワイライト
  28. 世界が終るまでは…(TV VERSION)
  1. 我的朋友
  2. 燃烧的赤木队长
  3. 捕捉闪耀的瞬间
  4. 无穷尽的结
  5. 天才篮球员出场
  6. 用灌篮来决胜负
  7. 冷酷的流川枫
  8. 猩猩登场
  9. 可爱的晴子
  10. 夏郁
  11. 崭新的日子
  12. 如梦似幻
  13. 牧和仙道的超级对决
  14. 怀旧之情
  15. 第42频道
  16. 棋逢敌手的仙道和流川枫
  17. 走钢索
  18. 战斗
  19. 向前走灌篮高手
  20. 再度梦想
  21. 花道的决心-迈向王者之路
  22. 打败英雄
  23. 花道-篮板之路
  24. 决不让任何人左右我
  25. 直到世界的尽头
  26. 只凝视着你
  27. 好想大声说喜欢你
  28. 无声的热情
  1. I Want to Shout I Love You ~TV Version~
  2. Tip Off!
  3. Rukawa Kaede ~ A Man They Call Victory ~
  4. Powerful Confrontation ~ Sendoh vs. Rukawa
  5. Rival Confrontation ~ Sendoh vs. Rukawa
  6. Shohoku Five’s Trembling
  7. Closing Uneasiness
  8. Outsider
  9. Nobody Can Stop Me
  10. Violently… In Vain (to no end)
  11. Quiet Zeal ~ Thoughts are on Going to the Nationals
  12. Hanamichi’s Resolution ~ to the King’s Departure
  13. Timeout Shohoku ~ You Guys are Strong~
  14. Fast Attack! Counterattack Commencement
  15. Mitsui’s Pride
  16. Akagi’s Uncertainty
  17. Fired Up (Burning) Man Captain Akagi
  18. Fix Up Your Spirit!
  19. Not Giving Up Yet!
  20. Hanamichi ~ On the Rebound Road ~
  21. The Free Throws that were Cursed ~ “Miss Miss Miss… Fall Fall Fall”
  22. Empty Gym
  23. You are in the Middle of a Dream!
  24. Bewildered on Waking
  25. School Days
  26. Dawn
  27. Twilight
  28. To the End of the World… ~TV Version~

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Format Download Size
MP3 65.7 MB
M4A 61.6 MB
WAV (Extracted) 251 MB
WAV (CD) 251 MB
APE (227) 226 MB
APE (481) 479 MB
MIDI coming…. N/A
BGM coming… N/A
TV Animation SLAM DUNK Original Soundtrack~Special TV Version~
MP3 – 26 55.7 MB
MP3 – 28 35.2 MB
MP3 – 32 98.3 MB
FLAC – 10 207 MB
FLAC – 21 241 MB
FLAC – 28 250 MB
FLAC – 32 532 MB
APE – 32 498 MB
EAC (13 CDs AIO, Torrent) 4.02 GB


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