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The Chosen: Well of Souls (AKA: Frater) is a buried and forgotten old but excellent action RPG type of PC game that is almost totally unnoticed. AppNee wants to only recommend it to some real game players. It was developed by Rebelmind from Poland in 2006. Players who like Diablo-like games might as well give it a try, and you won’t be disappointed.

The Chosen: Well of Souls provides 3 playable characters: Frater Simon, Elena, and Tong Wong (respectively mage, thief, and warrior), and 15 kinds of weapons (including single-handed weapon, two-handed weapon, long-distance single-handed weapon, long-distance two-handed weapon, wands with different attributes). Wearing helmet, shield, breastplate and other armors, magic rings and other accessories, as well as magical elements such as alchemy, players are able to create their unique combat equipment (more than 200 weapons, armors, and magic upgrades are available). Additionally, it also comes with vivid scenes, fine character action design, realistic magic effects and physics, which enable players to get more pleasure while playing this game that characterizes a large number of battles.

In a nutshell, The Chosen: Well of Souls is one of the few worth playing and dapper action role-playing games with fantasy style set in a dark period of the 19th century. Its graphics can compete with Torchlight, or we can regard it as the reproduced edition of Space Hack. Anyway, games like this are becoming hard-won now, so it’s worth playing and collecting.

// Key Features //

  • A deep and involving storyline set in a dark period at the turn of the 19th century.
  • 3 original playable characters, each with their own distinct skills and abilities.
  • Numerous supernatural monsters including werewolves, zombies, vampires and demons.
  • Over 200 different types of armor, weapons, magic items and objects.
  • Over a dozen blood-curdling quests.
  • Explore a variety of different animated locations; old castles, dungeons, ancient ruins, lush forests, hot deserts and scorched lands.
  • Many different ways to modify skills and allocate experience provide players with tremendous flexibility in developing one’s character.
  • A host of powerful spells and a huge variety of weapons.
  • Interactive NPC’s who assist you in your efforts in battling creatures and fearsome monsters. Day/night cycles and weather affect monsters’ behavior.
  • Seizing demons during the game allows you to control and use them during a fight.
  • Excellent 3D effects including huge explosions, gun flares, dynamic torch lighting and more.
  • Improve weapons’ strength and effectiveness through ancient magic.
  • Call upon mystical creatures to help battle the forces of evil.

// Fan Made Demo Video //

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the The Chosen: Well of Souls portable full registered version for Windows, along with some bonus contents: characters, manual, wallpapers.

// Download URLs //

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