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As the most widely used static disassembly tool, IDA Pro holds an important place in the IT field, but documentations about it have been few or imperfect and not in-depth enough for a very long time. The IDA Pro Book came out with help of the founder of IDA, which perfectly made up for the defects. For now, it can be regarded as the best (most accurate and comprehensive) unofficial guide for the world’s most popular disassembler IDA.

The IDA Pro Book, 2nd Edition is divided into six parts altogether, explains the profound things in a simple way, and step-in-step. On the one hand, it enables users to have an deepgoing understand to IDA Pro; on the other hand, it lets the readers master IDA Pro through practical applications of reverse engineering. Compared to The IDA Pro Book, 1st Edition (based on IDA 5.5), the second edition is built on IDA 6.0, introduces its new features, GUI based on the QT, as well as IDAPython plug-in, etc.

But you should know, The IDA Pro Book is not another user manual for IDA, because you can learn a lot applications and advanced technologies about IDA. So it’s suitable for all staff who are engaged in the software security field to read. Or we can say that it is more required and loved by most software crackers.

// Table Of Contents //

  • PART I: Introduction to IDA
    • Chapter 1: Introduction to Disassembly
    • Chapter 2: Reversing and Disassembly Tools
    • Chapter 3: IDA Pro Background
  • PART II: Basic IDA Usage
    • Chapter 4: Getting Started with IDA
    • Chapter 5: IDA Data Displays
    • Chapter 6: Disassembly Navigation
    • Chapter 7: Disassembly Manipulation
    • Chapter 8: Datatypes and Data Structures
    • Chapter 9: Cross-References and Graphing
    • Chapter 10: The Many Faces of IDA
  • PART III: Advanced IDA Usage
    • Chapter 11: Customizing IDA
    • Chapter 12: Library Recognition Using FLIRT Signatures
    • Chapter 13: Extending IDA’s Knowledge
    • Chapter 14: Patching Binaries and Other IDA Limitations
  • PART IV: Extending IDA’s Capabilities
    • Chapter 15: IDA Scripting
    • Chapter 16: The IDA Software Development Kit
    • Chapter 17: The IDA Plug-in Architecture
    • Chapter 18: Binary Files and IDA Loader Modules
    • Chapter 19: IDA Processor Modules
  • PART V: Real-World Applications
    • Chapter 20: Compiler Personalities
    • Chapter 21: Obfuscated Code Analysis
    • Chapter 22: Vulnerability Analysis
    • Chapter 23: Real-World IDA Plug-ins
  • PART VI: The IDA Debugger
    • Chapter 24: The IDA Debugger
    • Chapter 25: Disassembler/Debugger Integration
    • Chapter 26: Additional Debugger Features
  • Appendix A: Using IDA Freeware 5.0
  • Appendix B: IDC/SDK Cross-Reference

// Download URLs //

Edition Download Size
First Edition reserved 30.0 MB
Second Edition 5.61 MB

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