Toad Strikes Back – One of the most successful SMB-like fangame series

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Toad Strikes Back – One of the most successful SMB-like fangame series

Toad Strikes Back (TSB for short) is an extremely excellent and successful fan-made small free game series with very high playability like big-budget productions. It was created by Thunder Dragon for fun and first released to public at MFGG (Mario Fan Games Galaxy) in 2007. Its followed sequel in 7 years later is Toadette Strikes!.

As a whole, Toad Strikes Back has really great gameplay and plot settings - the final goal is to stop the resurrection of King Koopa (Bowser). The game star was replaced with Toad, who is able to perform most of Mario's old maneuvers, such as stomping, uprooting vegetables or picking up enemies, hurling fireballs, riding Yoshi, and even using the legendary hero's hammer.

Toad Strikes Back – One of the most successful SMB-like fangame series

// Key Features //

  • Over 50 unique levels
  • Contains Mario's each classic side-scrolling adventure
  • Lots of power-ups, items and enemies
  • One of the highest rated games on MFGG
  • Won 9 awards for the 2007 MFGG Awards: Best Game, Best Sprites, Best Level Design, Most Polished, Most Original Gameplay, Most Replay Value, Best Secrets, Best Setting and Best Use of Site Resources
  • Has the most awards of any MFGG fan-made Mario-like games

// Game Controls //

  • F2 - reset game
  • F10 (or Ctrl + P) - pause game
  • Backspace - exit or retry stages you have already beaten, skip the game's ending
  • Enter - end stage when prompted
  • Ctrl - lift/throw vegetables, use items, or hold to run faster
  • Shift - confirm menu choices, jump (hold to jump higher)
  • Space Bar - select item
  • Left & Right arrow keys - move
  • Up & Down arrow keys - look up/down, aim throwable items, enter pipes/doors
  • Alt + Enter - switch to full-screen mode

*** Drag the window border to zoom the display size

*** Shift and Ctrl can be adjusted by pressing Ctrl + Y

// Fan Made Demo Video //

// Edition Statement //

This is the Toad Strikes Back v1.0 Complete and Final version, will never update.

// Download URLs //

v1.0 FinalToad Strikes Back – One of the most successful SMB-like fangame series (mir)9.73 MB


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