Toadette Strikes! – Toad Strikes Back’s brand-new sequel work

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As sequel of Toad Strikes Back made by Thunder Dragon, Toadette Strikes! (AKA: Toad Strikes Back 2, TSB2 for short) was mainly inspired from the Super Mario Bros. 2. It was created using Multimedia Fusion 2 engine resources, along with numerous graphics & musical resources, finally finished and released in 2015.

In Toadette Strikes!, it changed its star from Toad to Toadette (????) – came on stage in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! taking the form of hidden role together with Toad at the earliest. Later, she began to be active in some rival type of Mario games. Also, TSB2 added a brand-new story and many new features, considered to be one of the best fan-made Mario-like games ever.

Toadette Strikes! has very similar gameplay to Toad Strikes Back, but also many notable differences, such as the customizable controls, five-point based health system, using Star Meter, 5 items, 7 worlds along with 4 hidden ones, etc.

// Default Controls //

  • ESC – switch to/from Full Screen mode (note: the game runs faster when using this method as opposed to maximizing the window)
  • LEFT & RIGHT – move
  • UP & DOWN – look around; aim attacks
  • SHIFT – jump, swim; flutter kick (in midair while riding Yoshi)
  • CTRL – action button, use attacks, pick up/throw things, talk to people. Hold to run
  • SPACE BAR – select attack item; dismount Yoshi
  • BACK SPACE – exit previously cleared stages. In hub worlds: go to Warp Zone

// Fan Made Demo Video //

// Edition Statement //

This is the Toadette Strikes v3.0.256.34 Complete and Final version, will never update.

// Prompts //

  • Be sure to extract tsb2.exe from the .zip archive, or else the save feature might not work
  • Make sure to disable STICKY KEYS and FILTER KEYS before playing, if you haven’t done so already – these options can interfere with the gameplay. This can typically be done through Control Panel -> Ease of Access Center -> Adjust Settings for the Keyboard

// Download URLs //

Version Download Size
v3.0 Final 36.8 MB


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