[v4.0] TransType – Convert legacy fonts to rock-solid, high-quality modern fonts

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Many graphics designers or artists need to use a lot of fonts at work, and need to convert between different font formats. To do this, you can use TransType. Especially users of Adobe products will find it’s very necessary. Because Adobe has already started ending support for its PostScript Type 1 fonts, and will disable support for authoring with Type 1 fonts in January 2023

TransType is a professional, efficient universal fonts management and formats conversion tool for Windows and Mac Platforms, designed to help users convert from one font format to another for use on different systems or applications. In addition to converting, it can also colorize, repair, rename fonts, group, organize font families, and add effects. It supports almost any font format, such as PostScript, TrueType, Multiple Master, OpenType and @font-face Web font standards, supports merging font families, collaborative processing with Office, iWork, and batch conversion with one click.

In short, for those who like the creative process of designing fonts and want to make or convert any legacy fonts into modern OpenType and Web fonts (WOFF & EOT), but don’t want to use typographical techniques for font code or type design, TransType is the perfect companion for their font editors.

// Key Features //

  • Batch-convert your OpenType and TrueType fonts into CSS @font-face web fonts (WOFF & EOT) and use them on websites
  • Organize and rename font families automatically and with easy drag-and-drop
  • Turn monochrome layered fonts or any color fonts into gorgeous multi-color OpenType fonts
  • Ultrafast batch conversion of hundreds of fonts at a time into optimized desktop and web fonts
  • Font special effects for blending, rounded corners, tracking, autokerning, slanting or distorting
  • Create multi-color OpenType fonts from BitFonter Photofonts or by overlaying traditional outline fonts
  • Generate PDF samples and glyph maps

// Supported Formats //


  • OpenType PS (.otf), CFF flavor, name- and CID-keyed
  • OpenType TT (.ttf), TrueType flavor
  • TrueType Collections (.ttc)
  • Type 1 (.pfb/.pfa, .pfm, .afm, .inf); Multiple Master Type 1 fonts are not supported
  • Mac Classic (FFIL/LWFN), Type 1 and TrueType
  • CSS @font-face Web fonts (.woff/.eot/.svg)


  • Color OpenType (.otf/.ttf) in SVG, sbix, COLR/CPAL and CBDT/CBLC flavors
  • Photofont (.phf) in PNG and SVG flavors
  • SVG fonts (.svg)


  • Unified Font Objects (.ufo) version 2
  • FontLab VFB files (.vfb) with single or multiple masters
  • Adobe FDK for OpenType (.fea)
  • ZIP archives (.zip) with fonts in all supported formats

  • OpenType PS (.otf), CFF flavor, name-keyed only
  • OpenType TT (.ttf), TrueType flavor
  • Type 1 (.pfb/.pfa, .pfm, .afm, .inf), Windows and Unix


  • Color OpenType TT+SVG (.ttf), SVG flavor for Adobe CC 2019+, macOS 10.14+, iOS 12+, QuarkXPress 2018, Firefox, Safari 12+, and FontLab Pad
  • Color OpenType TT+sbix (.ttf), sbix flavor for Adobe CC 2019+, iOS, macOS, QuarkXPress 2018+, and FontLab Pad
  • Color OpenType TT+COLR (.ttf), COLR/CPAL flavor for Windows 8.1/10, QuarkXPress 2018, Firefox, Chrome, Safari 12+ and FontLab Pad


  • Web Open Font Format (.woff)
  • EOT (.eot), MTX-compressed
  • SVG fonts (.svg)
  • Sample integration files (.html/.css)

// Official Demo Video //

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the TransType multilingual full installers and unlocked files, as well as portable full registered versions for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

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// Download URLs //

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v4.0.1 12.9 MB

*** This software was recommended and shared by Ed Yap.


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