[v4.0] Trial-Reset – Software trial period limit resetting/removal tool

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If some shareware opens all its functions to users during the probation period, so in addition to cracking it, we can also achieve the purpose of using it indefinitely by resetting its trial period or usage counter (I like to call that soft cracking). Nirsoft‘s RunAsDate enables any software to run at a specified date all the time, which can help us indefinitely use some commercial software. But there will be no way out for the ones with limitation of use times or multiple-validation mechanism. This is where the Trial-Reset comes in.

Most shareware use packers to realize all kinds of usage restrictions. Accordingly, unpacking is just for the sake of cracking them, and clearing the information recorded by packers is to achieve an infinite trial period. Trial-Reset is essentially a simple, easy to use and practical registry cleaning tool. But it was actually designed to remove all the software trial information and other relevant junk information generated by a variety of commercial software protectors from your Windows registry with one key, so as to make these software “thoroughly forget” they’ve been to your system before. In other words, it will give you another trial opportunity for a software, just as if it was just installed on your computer for the first time.

Trial-Reset supports many types of software packers, although only a few of them are commonly used: ACProtect, ASProtect, Armadillo, EncryptPE and WinLicense. In addition, it provides many advanced features for supporting software with special needs, and supports customizing proxy server scans and plug-ins for extension, and so on.

In short, when you find some software worth trying and have not enough money to pay for it, then the first thing that comes to your mind may be finding its relevant crack resources. However, in addition to cracking it, it’s also a good idea to get a longer trial reset that is more suitable for the latest versions for many shareware.

// System Requirements //

  • To use Trial-Reset, the VB6 run time and Windows Common Controls ActiveX 6 (MSCOMCTL.OCX) must be installed on your computer.

// Use Instructions //

  1. Run Trial-Reset as administrator
  2. Maximize the program window to show up the ‘All‘ button, and click it to start finding all software that has been compressed/protected with packers on your computer by scanning registry (a bit time-consuming, please be patient). If you know what packer software it uses beforehand, then you can scan it targetedly
  3. When the scanning is completed, click the ‘Clear’ button next to ‘All’ to remove all found shells, In general, you don’t have to worry that this would affect other software. Or you can choose to definitely make a backup before clearing
  4. This last step is the most important one – delete the ‘TEMP‘ folder under the hidden path “C:\ProgramData\” (the files here exist for making further system testing in conjunction with the registry) by copying it to File Explorer’s address bar to enter this path. Otherwise, you are likely to fail many times
  5. Restart your computer, and reinstall your software, which can be used as trial indefinitely!

// Download URLs //

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