[05.13] Unity Asset Store best assets collection post

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The Unity Asset Store is a growth-sustaining library of assets specially made for Unity game developers. Both Unity Technologies and community members create these assets and publish them to the store for free sharing or commercial selling. The asset types mainly cover textures, animations, models, entire Project examples, tutorials and Editor extensions.

A Unity asset is an item that you can use in your game or project. An asset can be a 3D model, an audio file, an image, or any of the other types of file that is created outside of Unity but supported by Unity. Of course, some asset types can be created within Unity, such as an Animator Controller, an Audio Mixer or a Render Texture. All these assets are sorted into different types, mainly include: 3D, 2D ,Add-Ons, Audio, Essentials, Templates, Tools, VFX, and more.

AppNee wanted to share all the paid resources on the Unity Asset Store, but due to the large number of assets and small user base, so with the exception of very popular, rare, or important resources, AppNee didn’t publish many such posts. Starting today, however, AppNee will publish various assets from Unity Asset Store that are collected, recommended, or requested by AppNee users in this single post, and try to update and maintain them in a long term.

There’s no doubt that this will be a big advantage for many Unity game developers (especially those students, self-learners, people who have a hard life but don’t give up learning…), you won’t have to hunt around for many popular Unity assets anymore. Also, if you saw this post and wanted to share your resources with more people, or wanted the resources you had been looking for to appear here, just let me know! AppNee will do its best to get them for you.

// Asset Types //

  • 3D
  • 2D
  • Add-Ons
  • Audio
  • Essentials
  • Templates
  • Tools
  • VFX

// Collected Assets //

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Unity Asset Store all best assets for Unity.

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// Download URLs //

Unity Asset Version Download Size
Audio Visualizer v2.4 99.1 MB
Avatar Maker Pro v1.3.1 136 MB
Basic Motions v1.3 17.0 MB
Beat Detection v3.0 19.7 MB
CLazy Runner Action Latest n/a
Crafting Mecanim Animation Pack v3.7 11.5 MB
Delicious Food (01, 02) -/- coming n/a
Everyday Motion Pack v2.0 28.1 MB
Game Creator (1, 2) Latest n/a
Heroic Traversal v1.05 Final 11.0 MB
Koreographer Professional Edition v1.4.0 12.7 MB
Mesh Combine Studio 2 v2.996 1.47 MB
Mtree – Tree Creation v2.5.3 195 MB
Music Beat Lite – Audio Visualizer v1.4.2 52.1 MB
Particle Dynamic Magic 2 v2.5.3 195 MB
RhythmTool v1.8 9.42 MB
M.E. Town Creator -/- coming n/a
Medieval Food and Drinks Mega Pack -/- coming n/a
Medieval Mega Pack (Volume 1, Volume 2) -/- coming n/a
Parkour & Acrobatics Animation Pack v1.0 Final 16.4 MB
PlayMaker Latest n/a
Polyphemus -/- coming n/a
Puppet Face -/- coming n/a
Speech Bubble Manager ? 19.3 MB
Terrain Composer 2 -/- coming n/a
TileWorldCreator 3 -/- coming n/a
UModeler v2.8.17 13.3 MB
World Composer -/- coming n/a
World Creator (Standard, Professional) Latest n/a
World Streamer 1 v1.9.6 244 MB
World Streamer 2 v1.5 coming n/a


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