Universal Monitor Closer – Shut down power of any display with one-click

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In some conditions, we need/want to close the monitor’s power immediately (lowering the screen’s brightness is meaningless), rather than waiting for the computer to enter its power saving mode and then do this for you. Note that, empty or pure black screen saver can not achieve this effect, because any screensaver obviously becomes very bright in dark environments.

For example, I like to use a laptop to play music or audio books at night. By changing the ‘Turn off the display’ option to its minimum value – 5 minutes in “Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Power Options\Edit Plan Settings”, I can start to enjoy the music/audio books in a dark and quiet environment, until unconsciously I fall asleep. While this method has two annoying shortcomings at least:

  • If need to switch another song or chapter, you have to wait for another 5 minutes
  • More troubling, the next day, due to normal work, you have to adjust the ‘Turn off the display’ option to a longer time, otherwise it might frequently shut down the monitor

So, Universal Monitor Closer, this tiny app specially designed for instantaneously cutting display’s power was born. After about an hour of trials, debugging and testing, finally it came out to help users that have the same or similar needs with me! From now on, anytime, on a laptop or desktop, when need to thoroughly turn off your monitor’s power (not just reduce its brightness or enable some screensaver with black background), just double click it or give its shortcut a hotkey, then you can cut off the power supply of monitor with one key. This effect is identical with the computer’s hibernating/sleeping state, but the monitor can be instantly lighten again just like screensaver – move your mouse or press any key!

Although primarily designed for laptop’s display, it also supports any type of desktop monitors. Anyhow, using hotkey to call Universal Monitor Closer to close a desktop monitor has at least three advantages than pressing that power button on a monitor:

  • Much faster
  • Want to make your display be lit again, just move the mouse or hit any key
  • If your computer is using a screen saver, you have to turn on the display’s power first, and then repeat the above step to exit the screen saver

// Supported OS & Hardware //

  • Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Works for any kinds of monitors

// Download URLs //

Version Download Size
v1.0 69.6 KB


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