Unreal Engine – World’s most famous top game engine, free now

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Unreal Engine (UE for short) is currently the most famous and widely authorized top 2D/3D multi-platform universal game engine for Windows and Mac OS X (written in C++) in the world, which has occupied 80% of the market share of the global commercial game engines. The great games developed based on it are numerous, including Unreal Tournament, Gears Of War, Mass Effect, BioShock, Borderlands, Mirror’s Edge, and many other series of big game works.

Since the day it came out in 1998, Unreal Engine has won the favor of many game developers – no one could fail to be shocked by its amazing special effects. Until now, it is still growing, and has become the only game engine that comes with the widest range of application, the highest degree of overall utilization, and the highest standard of game console graphics in the entire game industry. On the grasp of the overall details of games and the richness of large scenes construction, Unreal Engine has reached the highest level that many great game console works can achieve.

As a matter of fact, the cost of game development is becoming more and more expensive, which is one of the main reasons that Unity, GameMaker Studio and so on free game engines are becoming more and more popular. Although Unreal Engine is still ruling the latest generation of game consoles, it can’t stand the great pressure from Unity this kind of excellent, powerful and free competitors. In order to remain competitive, from Unreal Engine 4, its developer Epic Games finally acted up to the ultimate rule of the Internet (everything is only likely to become popular when it is free or forced to free – AppNee always thinks, says and does like this), and make the originally very expensive (that is definitely a sky-high cost for most individual developers or small game developing teams) Unreal Engine completely free.

That is to say, anyone can obtain Unreal Engine 4’s full set of development tools (including all future updates) for free. It can be used to develop games, design indoor decoration, make a movie or animation for building/education, or anything you want to do or are able to do with it. This also suggests that Epic Games are trying to prevent more and more game developers from turning to Unity and other free game engines, although it still has some difficulty.

// Key Features //

  • Advanced Real-Time Rendering
  • Film-Quality Visual Effects
  • Artist-Friendly Material Pipeline
  • Blueprint Visual Scripting
  • Live Blueprint Debugging
  • Content Browser
  • Animation & Physics
  • Cinematic Editing Tools
  • Terrain & Foliage
  • Post-Process Effects
  • Full Source Code Access
  • Professional Source Control
  • C++ Code View
  • Hot Reload Function
  • Simulate & Immersive Views
  • Instant Game Preview
  • Possess & Eject Features
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Complete Audio System
  • Leading Middleware Integrations

// Official Demo Video //

// System Requirements //

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0+
  • DirectX June 2010+

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Unreal Engine compiled full offline setup for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit. Just install it and run the shortcut (as administrator if required), no need to install the Epic Games Launcher.

// Prompts //

  • If Unreal Engine doesn’t launch, run ti as administrator
  • If you can not load your old projects, try to install Unreal Engine to C:\. This solution can also fix many other issues
  • When it first starts, that requires some time to finish initialization.

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// Download URLs //

License Version Type Download Size
Freeware Latest Web Installer n/a
Master Source Code
Freeware v4.6.1 Compiled Installer reserved 2.54 GB


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