Using SQLite HD PDF download

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Using SQLite HD PDF download

About the pros and cons of SQLite, AppNee does not comment. Because its long course of appearance and development has naturally proved it's superior (especially than Oracle and MySQL) enough to make it rule some application fields - such as database-driven mobile and desktop apps, as well as some small, lightweight network applications.

Using SQLite will teach you how to start with this small and lightweight database engine, and finally you will be able to master it. After reading through this book's 530 pages of content with all complex SQL concepts explained clearly, you will grasp how to maintain localized storage in a single file, build your own SQLite library or use a precompiled distribution, get a primer on SQL, use several language functions and extensions, make it work with a scripting language or some C-based language, as well as understand the basics about database design, take advantage of virtual tables and modules, etc.

Using SQLite HD PDF download

Looking from its overall structure, Using SQLite can be divided into two major parts: the ahead 260+ pages teach you all the basic knowledge of SQLite, while the latter 260+ pages (i.e. the appendix parts) can be regarded as some related reference manuals (or even the extensions of SQLite's official documents) for queries.

// Table Of Contents //

  • Chapter 1 What Is SQLite?
  • Chapter 2 Uses of SQLite
  • Chapter 3 Building and Installing SQLite
  • Chapter 4 The SQL Language
  • Chapter 5 The SELECT Command
  • Chapter 6 Database Design
  • Chapter 7 C Programming Interface
  • Chapter 8 Additional Features and APIs
  • Chapter 9 SQL Functions and Extensions
  • Chapter 10 Virtual Tables and Modules
  • Appendix SQLite Build Options
  • Appendix sqlite3 Command Reference
  • Appendix SQLite SQL Command Reference
  • Appendix SQLite SQL Expression Reference
  • Appendix SQLite SQL Function Reference
  • Appendix SQLite SQL PRAGMA Reference
  • Appendix SQLite C API Reference

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