[v3.5.5] uTorrent – Smallest and fastest BitTorrent client

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μTorrent (AKA: microTorrent or uTorrent, short for “µT” or “uT”) is a freeware BitTorrent download client, written in C++. It is the most widely used BitTorrent client now, outside China (where XunLei is more popular and has the has the largest number of users in the world).

Compared with BitTorrent, BitComet, Vuze, BitLord, BitSpirit and so on, μTorrent’s small, fast and low resources occupation are its three big advantages, however with all the complete functions.

In addition, thanks to μTorrent’s concise user interface, outstanding performance and stability, as well as a better support to the older hardware, it gets wide and continuous high praise.

// Key Features //

  • Small and fast
  • Protocol Encryption (PE)
  • Peer Exchange (PEX)
  • Support the magnetic link (Magnet URI)
  • Fast recovery the interrupted transmission process
  • Trackerless BitTorrent support using DHT
  • Compatible with the original BitTorrent client and BitComet
  • Intelligent disk cache system
  • Configurable bandwidth control procedure
  • Support HTTPS (SSL) / UDP Tracker
  • Support IPv6 / Teredo tunneling
  • μTP (Protocol source codes is now open)
  • Support all Windows editions, no need UPnP framework
  • Web UI
  • RSS Downloader
  • Customizable interface

// How to input the character ‘μ’? //

General method: switch to standard English input method, and then hold down the “Alt” key, meanwhile, press ‘0’, ‘1’, ‘8’ and ‘1’ on the small keyboard in turn.

// Easter Eggs //

In the “About” interface, there are two Easter eggs, they are “μT Sound” and Tetris:

  • μT Sound: Click on the μTorrent icon in the “About” interface, then you will hear a music.
  • Tetris: In “About” interface, press “T” key, then the Tetris will come out.

// Edition Statement //

The official uTorrent Free Edition has ads and bundled software, you’d better pay attention while installing. Alternatively, you can also use its multilingual portable versions for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit made by AppNee (with all ads & banners removed, along with the biggest optimization settings), or even choose the Pro Edition (for Windows only).

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// Download URLs //

Version Status Download Size
AppNee Portable (for Windows)
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v3.4.9 Build 42671 Beta reserved 2.29 MB
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Latest Stable Windows | Mac | Linux | Android n/a


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