[v5.x] Ventsim – Industry-leading 3D mine ventilation simulation and design system

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Ventilation is an extremely important link related to the safety of mine production. Three-dimensional ventilation simulation system plays a very important role in the safety management of mine ventilation. The ventilation design of new mines, the selection of chief ventilator, and the optimization to the ventilation system of old mines are all inseparable from the accurate calculation of the ventilation network. For the network design of actual mine ventilation, it is often necessary to consider the rationality of the entire ventilation network from many aspects.

Ventsim (AKA: VentSim DESIGN) is an industry-leading 3D ventilation dynamic simulation system first released in 1993 by Chasm Consulting from Australia. It aims to emulate all kinds of environments in underground mines, carry out precise calculation and design in the early stage of a mine project, improve and optimize its ventilation system, so as to ensure the safety of mine workers and improve their work efficiency at the same time. Ventsim has incomparable speed and accuracy in calculation, which is specially suitable for metal mines and coal mines with various ventilation complexities.

Ventsim provides features like: 3D ventilation design, ventilation network calculation, ventilator selection, dynamic simulation of ventilation process, thermal simulation, pollutant diffusion simulation, economical analysis of ventilation, real-time monitoring, ventilation inspection database management, simulation and analysis to the rationality and economical efficiency of ventilation methods in a three-dimensional and visualized environment, optimizing ventilation network and saving ventilation cost on the premise of ensuring the safety of ventilation, and more.

With the help of advanced and modern information management technology, it has been an irresistible trend to manage the mine ventilation system with computer as an auxiliary means. After more than 25 years of continuous improvement and development, Ventsim has been used by more than 1400 institutions around the world. These include mining companies, mining consultants, governments, universities, research institutions, etc.

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AppNee provides the Ventsim Design Premium Edition multilingual full installers and all versions universal local license server for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit.

// Installation Notes //

  1. Download and install VentSim Design, do not run it
  2. Download and run the Local License Server, and click ‘Start
  3. Run program, and enter “Help/License Manager
  4. Click ‘Local Server‘ tab, and click ‘Activate‘ button
  5. Done

*** Make sure to run the local license server and press start before launching VentSim every time.

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