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War and Peace (????? ? ???) is one of the greatest Russian litterateur in the late 19th century and early 20th century (also one of the most outstanding writers in the history of world literature) Leo Tolstoy‘s three representative works (the other two are: Anna Karenina and Resurrection), also his first full-length novel. Leo Tolstoy spent more than 10 years of time to complete this immortal classic in the literature world.

In War and Peace, Leo Tolstoy used extremely concise words, amazing psychoanalysis to shape a series of vivid, lively characters. He killed the human feelings and realities softly, and fully exposed the Russian politics, military matters and social life in the early 19th century. The whole work comes with grand conception (just the involved characters are as many as 559), epic and splendid rhythm and a wide horizon. In these aspects, I think only Homer‘s works can be comparable. In addition, the author made a cross description to both “war” and “peace” two kinds of life and two clues, thus constituted an encyclopedia type of grand epic.

To sum up, in this book, you can more directly and accurately understand the personality and temperament of Russian people and the whole Russian life at that time. In other words, reading it is better than reading through hundreds of books about nation science and history. In short, among all novels in the world, if you want to pick out “the greatest one”, readers most often mention the War and Peace first.

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