[v6.11] Weather Underground – Accurate and real-time world weather reports by IBM

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Weather Underground (AKA: Wunderground) is the world’s first online weather service provider founded by IBM in 1995, providing meteorological data solutions to many of the world’s leading media companies and millions of worldwide users through its website and mobile applications. We can use it to query the global and local weather data anytime and anywhere to learn the latest weather forecast information.

As one of the most powerful weather applications that can provide the world’s most accurate ultra-local weather forecast service, Weather Underground provides very detailed and professional weather data, such as maximum/minimum/current temperature, feeling temperature, weather map, wind direction/speed, rainfall precipitation, sunrise/sunset time, pollution level, ozone concentration, PM 2.5 concentration, humidity, visibility, dew point, air pressure, UV data, lunar phase, etc.

What’s unusual about Weather Underground is that its weather data comes not from a state agency or third-party company, but from the folk. Members of its unique community of weather enthusiasts report the real-time data from weather stations in their backyards, and data from this cluster source provides forecasts for your precise location. It already has tens of thousands of private weather stations around the world, which provide reliable and meaningful updates on local weather conditions and data in real time. So its weather data will be a little bit more accurate than many similar applications.

Overall, we prefer Weather Underground to the “well known” local weather apps in each country, because it is cleaner (no fancy interface) and more practical (no redundant information, and the data is intuitive and detailed). Basically, Weather Underground can meet all weather information needs from beginners to advanced users.

// Key Features //

  • Temperature in the notification bar: instantly view current temperature and weather conditions
  • View current weather conditions from your local weather station including temperature, feels like, wind speed & direction, humidity, dew point, visibility
  • Plan for the week with 10-day daily & hourly weather forecasts
  • Interactive weather map shows all the personal weather stations in your neighborhood with animated radar, satellite, and much more data
  • Hurricane track maps
  • Save your favorite locations and recent searches
  • Smart Weather Forecasts – set your ideal weather conditions for outdoor activities and we’ll tell you when to go
  • Explore detailed weather data like air quality, UV index, sunrise & sunset and moonrise & moonset
  • Keep an eye out for extreme weather with severe weather alerts
  • Customizable weather widgets – choose from different colors, sizes and update intervals
  • Personalize your app experience with light & dark modes, map types, units and rearrangeable tiles
  • Discover real-time weather from webcams around the world

// System Requirements //

  • Android 6.0+

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Weather Underground Premium Edition multilingual paid full versions for Android OS.

// Prompts //

  • Some countries (such as China) have blocked this app.

// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
for Android
Premium Edition v6.11.0 49.2 MB


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