[v3.1.0] WICleanup – Windows Installer unused files cleanup tool

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[v3.1.0] WICleanup – Windows Installer unused files cleanup tool

WICleanup is an application used for scanning and clearing away the unused, unwanted Windows Installer redundancy (junk) files inside system (MSI and MSP files in the "\Windows\Installer" folder), with full name "Windows Installer UnUsed Files Cleanup Tool".

Windows Installer is a new installation technology introduced by Microsoft, it is able to realize the fast distribution, fast repairing and many other functions which other installer programs do not have. But this installation technology has one drawback: leaves some residual files or information in the system, for example: Live Messenger will leave the installer package of previous version after upgrading each time, and WICleanup enables you to scan these residual files and supports deleting automatically.

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