WinDirStat – Disk usage visual statistics viewer and cleanup tool

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If want to clean up the disk partition, you’ll need to know which folders take up a lot of space. If don’t do this, it is likely to delete many files while dose not make much space.

WinDirStat (full name: Windows Directory Statistics, short for: WDS) is a very small (only 630 KB) freeware hard drive capacity statistics applet, which was inspired by KDirStat (a KDE application, since replaced by Filelight) for Linux. It allows to present how much space different files occupied in hard drive in a full-color way, so that users can clearly know which type of file holds your valuable disk space. Also, the analytical function of WinDirStat is very comprehensive, no matter the entire disk, some partition or a specific folder. Compared with the manual method, WinDirStat has a higher efficiency indeed.

If what we know is just which type of file takes up the disk space, of course this is not enough, we still need to get more information. Users can directly click some color on the WinDirStat showed color blocks, so WinDirStat will show you that what files this color represents, this allows users to handle these files quickly.

// Warning //

Please note that, when you want to delete some file, we can do that just by clicking the ‘X’ button on the toolbar, but i suggest you to really make sure you don’t need these files any more, because the files deleted from here, will not pass through the “Recycle Bin” but delete directly!

// Prompts //

If you are looking for an alternative for Linux, you are looking for KDirStat (apt-get install kdirstat on Debian-derivatives) and for MacOS X it would be Disk Inventory X.

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Official1 Fast Link Page (Homepage | SourceForge)

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