[v2.4.6] WinLicense – Professional software protection and licensing management

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If you are in the software development industry, perhaps a common shareware programmer, or an engineering manager, you need to protect your software. In order to prevent their software from being cracked or illegally used, all software developers will take various measures to protect their software. One of the most commonly used methods is the software registration mechanism.

WinLicense is a software registration protection system that combines Themida‘s protection function and advanced registration control mechanism, allows users to get started quickly without having to change any source code or have programming experience. It has the same level of software protection function as Themida and license management features, allowing developers to safely distribute the trial and full versions of their software.

WinLicense protects your code and data with multiple layers of encryption, automatically detects hacking tools, disrupts running code, data and APIs, prevents software crackers from restoring programs to source code, protects disassemblers and decomcompilers, and more. All in all, WinLicense provides protection and support for your copyrighted software with its original protection technology that makes it difficult for all hackers and crackers to break into your programs illegally.

Most different from similar products, WinLicense can cover the shortages of all existing software protection technologies: the outdated protection technologies, and the software operation is limited by the operating system (i.e., the software protection layer can only run in general mode, not in kernel mode). Part of the WinLicense code can be run in kernel mode, with a unique protection layer, so it can withstand the latest software cracking techniques.

// Key Features //

As Software Protector
  • Multilevel encryption to protect code and data in an application.
  • Advanced detection of cracking tools.
  • Scrambles executable code, data, and APIs in the application to avoid any possible reconstruction of the original application.
  • Protection against all disassemblers and debuggers.
  • SDK offers two-way communication with SecureEngine and the protected application.
  • Fully customizable protection options and dialogs.
  • Multiple Virtual Machine architectures for code virtualization against tracing/reverse engineering.
  • Plugin system to add your own code at specific stages in the protection boot code.
As License Manager
  • Possibility to create Trial versions with multiple different expiration types like: expiration by days, by executions, by specific date, by minutes, by runtime, etc.
  • Possibility to extend the trial period in an application with Trial Extension Keys.
  • Powerful engine to store the trial status in the system to avoid trial period resetting by possible attackers.
  • Possibility to create different types of license keys for different developer needs.
  • Lock trial and license keys to a specific country.
  • Machine binding, which allows an application to run on a specific computer only.
  • Custom trial counters to keep control of limited resources in your trial versions.
  • Independent password protection for both Trial and Registered versions.
  • Possibility to create your own automation system with help from the external WinLicense DLL.
  • Complete SDK with over 50 different functions.
  • .NET SDK support for Trial and Registered versions.
  • Database-driven implementation to keep safe records of all your software, customers and licenses.
  • Embedded generators to create license keys, trial extension keys, and passwords for an application.
  • Customization for all trial/registration messages with possibility to include/exclude them from being displayed.
Trial/Licensing Features
  • Machine dependent keys
  • SmartActivate keys for elegant registration systems
  • Multiple trial expiration types
  • Possibility to combine several expiration types for trial and license keys
  • Powerful engine to store the trial period in the system
  • Complete SDK with more than 50 exported functions
  • Full .NET SDK support
  • Custom trial counters SDK for different developer’s needs
  • Easy support to create your own licensing systems via web server
  • Country locking for trial and license keys
  •  Trial extension keys to extend the trial in an expired application
  • Text keys registrations
  • File key registrations
  • Registry keys registrations
  • Independent password protection for either Trial or registered versions
  • Expirable license keys
  • Tracking and detection of stolen keys
  • Customization for all trial/registration messages with possibility to include/exclude them from being displayed by WinLicense
  • Embedded generators in GUI to create licenses, passwords and trial extensions keys
  • Specific key generators can be automatically generated for every protected application
  • Custom data field in license keys for different developer’s needs
  • Database driven implementation to keep safe record of all your software, customers and licenses
Protection Features
  • Anti-debugger techniques that detect/fool any kind of debugger
  • Anti-memory dumpers techniques for any Ring3 and Ring0 dumpers
  • Different encryption algorithms and keys in each protected application
  • Anti-API scanners techniques that avoids reconstruction of original import table
  • Automatic decompilation and scrambling techniques in target application
  • Virtual Machine emulation in specific blocks of code
  • Advanced Mutator engine
  • SDK communication with protection layer
  • Anti-disassember techniques for any static and interactive disassemblers
  • Multiple polymorphic layers with more than 50.000 permutations
  • Advanced API-Wrapping techniques
  • Anti-monitors techniques against file and registry monitors
  • Random garbage code insertion between real instructions
  • Specialized protection threads
  • Advanced Threads network communication
  • Anti-Memory patching and CRC techniques in target application
  • Metamorphic engine to scramble original instructions
  • Advanced Entry point protection
  • Dynamic encryption in target application
  •  Anti-tracing code insertion between real instructions
  • Advanced Anti-breakpoint manager
  • Real time protection in target application
  • Compression of target application, resources and protection code
  •  Anti-“debugger hiders” techniques
  • Full mutation in protection code to avoid pattern recognition
  • Real-time simulation in target application
  • Intelligent protection code insertion inside target application
  • Random internal data relocation
  • Possibility to customize dialogs in protected application
  • Support of command line
  •  Many many more…

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the WinLicense multilingual portable full registered versions for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit.

// Download URLs //

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v2.4.6 42.5 MB


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