WPanorama – Panoramic image viewer and screen saver

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WPanorama is a simple and professional panorama viewer, developed by Pierre-Alain Bovard from France. It supports multiple viewing angles, multiple viewing methods, 360-degree scrolling and adjustable scroll speed, mirror mode, and scrolling back and forth. It even allows us to create screensavers using panoramic images.

Designed as an image viewer for browsing panoramic images, WPanorama displays panoramic images by scrolling horizontally or vertically across the screen. It supports 360-degree panoramic photos, can export AVI, BMP, and even generate screensavers with additional options. In addition, its official website offers many beautiful panoramic images for free download.

WPanorama offers users a number of interesting features, such as creating a video that plays photos and allowing you to add text and background music to the video. In addition, the program includes some advanced options, such as creating mirrors, changing sizes, rotations, and so forth.

// Key Features //

Features of both viewer and screen saver
  • 360° continuous scrolling
  • Back and forth scrolling for non 360° pictures
  • Automatic detection of 360° panoramas
  • Horizontal and vertical scrolling
  • Multi-monitor systems support (the scrolling panoramas can span over
  • several monitors)
  • Mini slide show (one sample of it included in the package)
  • It is possible to display in full screen mode slide shows which aspect ratio
  • is different from the one of the display
  • Mirror function for special interesting effects
  • Miscellaneous stretch filters
  • Variable scroll increment and speed
  • Extensive help with a “Question and answers” section
  • Direct access from the programs to the update on the Web
Additional features of viewer
  • The pictures can be displayed either in a window or in full screen mode
  • Possibility to resize the display window by dragging its edges or corners
  • A user friendly dialog box allows to easily configure slide shows
  • Tools to insert scrolling panoramas into movies by the means of .avi files
  • and to split the panoramas into several .bmp files
  • Possibility to move the picture by dragging it with the mouse
  • Panoramas search by keyword on your disk
  • Panorama show and display of the whole current panorama with a single click
  • Current panorama information display
  • Possibility to show on the map the location from where the panorama was shot
  • Possibility to superimpose a description to the scrolling panorama in the
  • panorama show
  • A logo can replace the description in the panorama show
  • Possibility to load a panorama by double-clicking on the icon of its configuration
  • file and to start a panorama show by double-clicking on the icon of the image list file
  • Customizable default parameters for the images
  • Possibility to associate music (.mid, .mp3 ou .wav files) with panoramas
  • Context help and direct access to the questions and answers
  • Notification when a new version is available (configurable)
Additional features of screen saver
  • Image list management with individual parameters for each image
  • Automatic image change each time the screen saver is triggered
  • Automatic image change at a given time interval
  • Automatic image change after the panorama has scrolled a given number of times
  • Possibility to superimpose a description to the scrolling panorama
  • The panorama description can be replaced by a logo
  • A panorama show can be exported to the screen saver just by double-clicking
  • on an icon
  • Context help while in the parameters setting panel

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