X-Proxy – Change your IP address with one click

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X-Proxy – Change your IP address with one click

An IP address is a unique identification number that is used to identify all computers and websites on the Internet. When you connect to the Internet, your computer is assigned an IP address from your local Internet Service Provider (ISP). This is known as a direct connection to the Internet. But sometimes you need to use a fake IP instead, with the anonymity and privacy security in mind, for example:

  • Access some websites banning you or your country IPs
  • Surf the Internet anonymously
  • Send emails anonymously
  • Prevent identity theft and intrusion from hackers
  • Prevent anyone from seeing your real IP when communicating with them

X-Proxy is a free proxy servers automatic checker and scraper developed by Sauces Software from Spain. It allows user to search and use lists of public proxy servers around the world. Then you can enable anonymous browsing of the Internet, prevent identity theft, and keep off hacker intrusions by changing to use these fake IP address, without leaving any real traces about yourself.

X-Proxy – Change your IP address with one click

With X-Proxy, you are able to connect to a proxy server or VPN server that acts as an intermediary between your home network and the rest of the Internet, and makes requests for information using your its fake IP address instead of your real one. This is the very working principle of X-Proxy and any similar software that keep your computer anonymous and protect you against identity theft.

X-Proxy is fully compatible with all popular web browsers, and has an automatic update function that makes sure the proxy servers list is always updated and validated. Besides, it allows to perform Internet speed test, supports changing skins, and provides details about proxy servers themselves, such as Hostname, Country, Anonymity, HTTP and HTTPS Protocols, Speed, Google Navigation, etc.

X-Proxy – Change your IP address with one click

// Key Features //

  • A modern and accessible interface
  • Compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox
  • Update versions and code automatically
  • Update and verify list of proxy servers automatically
  • Available in 4 languages: ​​Spanish, English, Portuguese and French
  • More than 30 skins available
  • Search for country by IP address
  • Search IP by domain name
  • Ping an IP or host name
  • Remove the history of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet speed test
  • Anonymity information
  • Proxy servers and VPN servers
  • Block all types of ads, malicious web pages, browser hijackers
  • and more

// System Requirements //

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0+
  • Windows Installer 4.5+
  • Internet connection

// Download URLs //

FreewareLatestWeb InstallerX-Proxy – Change your IP address with one click (mir)n/a


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