XMPlay – Universal player and converter for Keygen dedicated music format

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XMPlay is a universal, free and portable music player developed by Un4seen Developments in 1998. It comes with tiny file size (less than 500 KB), compact and clear UI, powerful extensibility (skins, plugins, visuals and other add-ons), support to all popular audio formats, low memory usage, programmable music playback support, drag-and-drop operation support, complete keyboard shortcuts, and more. In short, it can compete with any premium music players, including foobar 2000 and Winamp.

I’m sure that many people use XMPlay for its so powerful extensibility, which is why it’s so attractive. At present, its official website has provided a large number of skins (you can also make your own ones), visual effects, native plug-ins, Winamp-compatible addons, DSP plugin, compression and decompression add-ons, third-party decoder plug-ins, lyrics extension, and many other plug-ins for free download. Through plug-in extension, XMPlay is able to directly play audio files stored in a compressed archive package (including RAR, ARJ, LZH, ZIP, PP… and so on compressed file formats) and support more audio formats (such as all Winamp supported audio file formats).

XMPlay originally only supported the XM file format generated by the Fast Tracker II music tracker, which is where it got its name. This is why it is still the only super advanced and versatile player & converter for keygen dedicated music formats for many advanced computer users! In other words, when you encounter some special music file format that can not be played with common media player in any way, do try it with XMPlay. Therefore, XMPlay can be said to be the mini transformer among music players.

// Key Features //

Feature Intro
Balls-on accurate Plays the way nature intended
32/24-bit & multi-channel output Take advantage of supporting hardware for ultimate quality
Gapless output Gapless playback of all supported formats, crossfading
DSP Automatic gain control (and Replaygain), 9 band equalizer, reverb, plugin support
Net streaming All supported file types (including MODs and archives) can be streamed from FTP and HTTP servers (inc. Shoutcast/Icecast and HLS), optionally writing a copy to disk, FTP directories and HTML webpages can be scanned for playable files
Subsongs and cues Files with multiple subsongs or cues can be played as one or separated into individual subsongs/cues
Track information Displays file/format information, messages/tags, and instrument/sample texts, open webpages from the texts
Title formatting You decide how you want the track titles to look, title updating from ‘net streams and CUE sheets
Library A database of your tracks, with directory monitoring, for quick and easy access to the tracks you want to play
Saved/preset settings Save settings (DSP/etc) to be automatically used each time particular tracks are played, save presets for quick application at any time
Disk writing Write 8/16/24/32-bit WAV files, use external encoders (MP3/OGG/etc), optional level normalization, dithering & noise shaping, individual MOD instrument writing
Keyboard shortcuts Fully customizable shortcuts, including global hotkeys
Integration Open files/folders from Windows Explorer, drag’n’drop files/folders/shortcuts/URLs, monitor the clipboard for playable URLs, drag’n’drop tracks from XMPlay into other programs, icon customization
Archive support Archived/compressed files can be loaded just like normal files, including support for nested archives
Unicode file support Support for Russian, Chinese, etc.
Visualisation Compatible with Sonique plugins, fullscreen display, includes a MOD pattern view
No installation UnZIP where you want and go!

// Use Instructions //

The recommended usage of plug-ins and skins is as follows:

Create Skins, Plugins, and Visuals folders in XMPlay’s installation folder, then extract the downloaded skin, plugin, and visual files in zip format into their respective folders. Or, you can just put them all in the same path as the main program, but that would be confusing. When the files are put in the correct folders, it may be required to restart XMPlay to make it effective.

  • To switch Skin: right click on the interface, and select in the “Skin” menu
  • To toggle Visual: press F4, and use right-click to change
  • To set Plugin: go to “Options and stuff/Plugins”

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// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
Freeware Latest n/a


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