[v5.2.0] YetiShare – Powerful file hosting script for a ready-made file hosting website

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As the successor of uCloud developed by MFScripts from United Kingdom, YetiShare is more popular and more powerful. Within a certain period of time, it had become the only strong performer, even the synonym of all existing file hosting scripts. With Yetishare, webmasters can build their own professional file hosting website to share files and earn money by advertising and/or selling their file hosting service.

This wonderful PHP-driven file hosting script covers almost all features for a file hosting service. This contains: an extensive admin area, file manager, user accounts (user registration & members area) management, external file servers, modern multi-file upload interface (allowing you to upload multiple files at the same time), package manager, easy advertisement integration, updates subscription via PayPal, pure Responsive Web Design based on HTML5, support of drag & drop operation, support of upload progress display (no longer depending on the outdated Adobe Flash plugin), big file support, and much more.

Moreover, YetiShare officially offers all-purpose plugins for webmasters to flexibly add more functionality to your file hosting, such as mobile and tablet app support, a multimedia player, and so on.

// Key Features //

Function Detail
Upload Files
  • Multi-file uploader with progress.
  • Percentage progress, size remaining, upload speed and time remaining. (support browsers only)
  • Drag & Drop into the browser to begin uploading. (Firefox & Chrome)
  • Copy all files to the clipboard link.
  • Uploads are assigned a short url to the download.
  • Premium account upgrade option via PayPal, managed automatically.
  • Support for multiple file servers.
  • File information page with the following:
    • Full path to the image.
    • HTML code to directly copy into a website.
    • Forum code to directly copy into a forum.
    • Link to statistics for the file.
    • Link to remove the file.
    • Links to share with common social media sites; Facebook, Twitter etc.
    • Link to share via email.
User Registration
  • User registration & members area.
  • Users can create an account and manage all their files in one place.
  • Fast ajax based file manager built entirely in-house.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly downloads.
  • Referring sites.
  • Visiting countries.
  • Visiting browsers.
  • Visiting operating systems.
Account Types
  • Free User:
    • Has to wait for file download. Attempts to get user to register on the site. (configurable)
    • Download speed restricted to 15kbps. (configurable)
    • Inactive downloads are only kept for 60 days. (configurable)
    • Maximum upload filesize of 100MB. (configurable)
  • Paid User:
    • No wait for downloads. (configurable)
    • No restrictions on the download speed. (configurable)
    • Inactive downloads are kept for as long as they have a paid account (configurable)
    • Maximum upload filesize of 1GB. (configurable)
  • Admin User:
    • As with the paid user but has access to the admin area.
  • IP blacklisting – block IP addresses from using the site.
  • File type blacklisting – ban certain types of files from being uploaded.
  • Spam protection – Set minimum time between submissions.
  • Spam protection – Set maximum files a user can upload per day.
  • Report file pages.
  • Support for https.
  • Externally tested for XSS and SQL injection attacks.
Earn Money
  • Charge for account upgrades. Fully integrated with PayPals automated IPN functionality.
  • Easy Ads – Use the admin interface to easily integrate your banner ads or Google Adsense code.
  • Written for PHP5.2+.
  • 100% full source code.
  • Easy installation.
  • Fully customisable.
  • Modern template. (easily customise and create additional ones)
  • Simple, clean, ajax style look and feel.
Social Network Sharing
  • Social networking icons to share uploaded files on Twitter, Facebook, Email & more.
  • Multiple language support.
  • Manage any text content on the site via the admin area.
  • Translation admin tools so the site can be used in most languages.
  • Translation debugging tools.
  • Further extend the core script with optional plugins:
    • Rewards Plugin
    • Media Player Plugin
    • Image Viewer Plugin
    • Document View Plugin
    • FTP Upload Plugin
    • Newsletter Plugin
    • Media Converter Plugin
    • Upload Widget Plugin
    • Social Login Plugin
    • Amazon S3 File Store Plugin
    • Geo-Upload Plugin
    • We also have a variety of Payment Gateway Plugins
Admin Area
  • Dashboard detailing downloads and active files.
  • Search files.
  • Disable files.
  • Manage users and filter by user files.
  • Manage blocked IPs.
  • Manage site settings.
  • Set and manage file servers.
  • Configure to use specific file server or the one with most space.
  • Set template.
  • Set paid account rates, period and currency.
  • Amend account expiry date.
  • Set PayPal email address for site payments.
  • Set free/paid user account settings:
    • File download speed.
    • Days to keep inactive files.
    • Maximum upload filesize.
    • Delay time on download.
  • Option to set the filename on the download url.
  • Option to use a different file url than the main site.
  • Set banner ad/advert code.
  • Modern Ajax interface.

// Included Plugins //

  • Import File Plugin
  • Rewards Plugin (PPS/PPD)
  • Media Player Plugin
  • Image Viewer Plugin
  • FTP Upload Plugin
  • Media Converter Plugin
  • File Leech Plugin
  • Upload Widget Plugin
  • Social Network Login Plugin
  • Torrent Download Plugin
  • Document Viewer Plugin
  • Newsletter Plugin
  • Paypal Payment Gateway
  • Skrill (MoneyBookers) Gateway
  • Payza Payment Gateway
  • OKPay Payment Gateway
  • ….

// System Requirements //

  • PHP 5.5+
  • MySQL
  • Apache (with mod_rewrite) or NGINX
  • Linux. Recommended 64-bit, at least VPS for full server config control
  • FTP module in PHP for remote server support
  • Curl module in PHP for remote upload and some plugins
  • Mycrypt module in PHP for secure password storage
  • Hosting Test Script – Use this free PHP script to check if your hosting meets the script requirements

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the YetiShare multilingual full source code along with all plugins, themes and language files.

// Prompts //

  • When the installation is completed, do remove the install folder.

// Related Links //

// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
Full Source Code v4.2 reserved 35.0 MB
v4.3 reserved 33.1 MB
v4.4.1 reserved 46.4 MB
v4.5.5 47.3 MB
v5.2.0 40.3 MB
YetiShare Plugins
36 Plugins Universal 4.11 MB
YetiShare Themes
Mega Clone Theme v4.4.1 16.3 MB
Pro YetiShare Theme / 11.3 MB
YetiShare Languages
12 Languages Universal 309 KB

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